Friday, June 20, 2008

Zach+Celtics=Love Forever

My friend zfor3 who is a huge Celtic fan wrote this. I found it a good read and pretty much as homer as they get..

I start off by obviously stating that this was single handed the greatest NBA season and post season in recent memory. So many story lines year long... The Boston 3 party, Kobe, Rockets winning 22 straight, the race for the west, Trading deadline moves and all the coaching changes. I loved it..... So to start the summer I leave with you with notes that have nothing to do with anything really, but for some strange reason affects our world.

1) The 2008 Boston Celtics (you knew I would start here!)...The first overhauled team to ever win a championship in the same start.. I can see why KG never advanced in the playoffs before this season and the one with a young Sam Cassell and a Latrell that still had money. He is a pick n pop PF who loves the jump shot and does not have that take over mind set. There were fourth quarters where I forgot he was on the floor..Everyone talks about the signing of the big three, and rightfully so, but what about my 1998 big three signing that was also involved this season, Posey! Brown! Cassell! Sam didn't play much in the finals, but when he did the make-up of the game changed, bigger G who destroyed Fisher in the post causing the Lakers to adjust to a 39 year old alien. I could not be happier for PJ Brown, everything I have heard states that he is a classy guy, and his play was great throughout the post season. His 12pts (6-6 fg) and 7 rebs in 23 minutes against the Cavs in Game 7 will live forever in my house! And then there is my BENCH PLAYER MVP= James Posey! This guy is a joke, he was always on the floor, taked charges, hitting 3's LOCKING up Kobe (Not Jordan, but not quite Harold Miner either) and doing whatever it takes to win. It amazes me that every now and then a player from a small school (Xavier) ala Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen come into this league and CONTRIBUTE to a bunch of NBA titles. My next son will be name PO-Z! Megan may not agree. However, he will live forever in Zach's Celtic lure.

2) Tough to get off the C's, but I will. I have no fear of the Lakers in the future. As long as they have Gasol, there are no worries. C'mon man, are you kidding me. The C's had so little respect for his ability that they put Big Baby on him in a clinching game. He vanished more in the second half than I can constanly remember. H e was awful. And I wanna see a passport on this dude. Did you hear him talk? he sounded like he was from Memphis, not spain! check into that.

3) Back to the C's! Doc Rivers flat out destroyed Phil Jackson. Now I have never been a Jackson fan, I actually think he is a buddhist queer, but we'll talk about that later. He just thought that HIS LAKERS would walk into the house Red built and show up and win. But Doc was prepared man. His small ball line-ups were the difference. I understand that Jordan Farmar has gotten better, no doubt. But why in the hell in game four during the comeback did Fisher sit there the whole time? Jackson was a moron! I have always disliked him and this is another reason why. People put him a this level that he does not deserve. He got it good in this series. DOC! DOC!

last thoughts.... 5) Vinny Del Negro? wow. 4)Bavetta is accused of cheating in the days prior to game 5. then REFS THE DAMN GAME!! 3) If the bulls don't take Rose they're idiots. MB will get that NBA money and end up spending it all on Tattoo's. 2) I hope Gilbert opts out (he did) and then loses his mind and ends up in Europe. what an ass. 1) BREAK UP THE PISTONS! I could say that forever! Sheed is an ass....loser.


5. Ron Artest
4.Chauncey Billups
3.RIP Hamilton
2.Sasha Vullijuic

Zach how could you hate fish? Tisk Tisk..

It's offical I have man crush on KG...

Monday, March 31, 2008

Working on audio system & Curry

Alright I know I said I would be back on the 26th with a new audio type blog but I that's been a bit harder then I thought to come by. But I am almost there with it. So please don't leave...

I just wanted to say I was rooting on Davidson the other night. It's to bad they ran the worst play in the history of plays. I would have said the Davidson coach might get a better job but after that play I am not sure if I would want him. Why go away from what got you there? Run Curry off like 5,000 screens pass then shoot or do that and get him the ball where he can score. Great idea going NBA play for your most important moment of the tourney. You haven't ran anything like that all year and then you run it to beat the Jayhawks... You must have been out of your fucking mind. That crap dosn't work in.. Only in the NBA. Also Curry never brings the ball up, he can't create on his own. WHY WHY WHY!! Worst play ever ran.. Offical. That's the only play ran in the NBA unless you are the Lakers. I will post this awful picture of Curry who looks like a a 12 year old boy playing in a ACC game..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Changes coming

Might have noticed I haven't posted in the last 5 days. It's been hard for me to keep up with the writing and life and all that nonsense. I may of come up with an idea to solve this issue. I am kicking around the idea of a total audio blog. I love editing and I like talking much more then writing. In fact I suck at writing. That's might be why my traffic sucks. Stay tuned. First audio tomorrow for sure for sure. I will still write here and there and post pics and vids on the blog.. So I hope you all can stand my voice.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Picks!

The big day is here.. I think Justin is way wrong with Duke. They are too small and if the shots don't fall they are done. Millard is riding the Gtown train and it might work out for him. Mike is still backing the Tigers... I am the only one that put my balls on the line by picking Kstate to make it. That side of the brackett is fucking hell. I could be the idiot in all this..

Ryan Aylsworth
Final 4
NC vs KState
Pitt vs UCLA

Ryan Millard
Final 4
NC vs Georgetown
Texas vs UCLA
Texas vs Georgetown

Justin Aylsworth
Final 4
NC vs Kansas
Texas vs Duke
Duke vs NC

Mike Packard
Final 4
NC vs Gtown
Memphis vs Duke
Memphis vs NC

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let it Start!! Youtubes

Well the Madness is a few days way. I know today is college day but I will have all our(SC staff) final 4 picks on Friday. I must say the Tourney is very tough off this year to fucking figure out. Seems like there is a bunch gimmes every year on who to pick to win in the first round. This year I have so many games that I am just not sure about. I do felt they left the right teams out and no one really got screwed. I am very nervous though about my dark Horse pick, K-State going head to head with USC. I was hoping they wouldn't be higher then 9 seed but they got the 11 seed. That's a damn good 11 seed. I hope they kick OJ Mayo's Holleywood ass. I can't stand that kid or USC. :ike I said I will have all our final 4 picks on Friday. I love March baby.. Lets the Fucking madness Start!

Now on to the Youtube Tuesdays that we have here at SC.

KG before he was the big ticket.

Some more NBA stars in there High school days. Not even fair..

Some Brent Petway dunks...Thats about all he could do.

Jim rome fight!! It's a clssic.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mail day, Poll

Slow mail.. Not much coming in this week. Come on people! Send me some tough in my face questions.

Hey Ryan,
Nice Blog! What number one seed do you have out first?

I have been "Hate hate hate hate hatin" on Memphis for some time now and you would think I would go with them. But for some reason something it saying jayhawks. Not sure why? They are good. Oh shit I dunno.

Are the Rockets for fucking real? Come on! 22!

Well Z.. At the moment yes. During a 7 games series? I am not so sure. I wouldn't put it past them. I would say sorta for real? That's not a real answer. Hmmm I will go with Yes. That team plays for each other and not the stats. T-mac finally gets it. Maybe a first round win?

We had 10 votes in our Best basketball confrece vote
ACC 2 (20%)

Big East 3 (30%)

Pac 10 1 (10%)

Big Ten 2 (20%)

Big 12 0 (0%)

SEC 2 (20%)

NEC... We got Jokes. 0 (0

So the Big east takes the cake. I tend to agree, plus there is a million fucking teams in the confrece. It's tough to play in. No NEC love... tisk tisk. Big 12 got snubbed too. I really don't like the Big12 unless we are talking Beasley and Kstae. Thanks for voting!

Me vs Mike

Mike and I played through some more NCAA college hoops 2K8. I did have a small bump in the road but have a recored of 7-1. I didn't expect to lose one so early but the dumb fucker was due.

Game 1
Score: Me 68 Mike 58
MVP: Beasley 25

Game 2
Score: Me 76 Mike 81
MVP Rose 32

Game 3
Score: Me 80 Mike 58
MVP: Beasley 32

Game 4
Score: Me 72 Mike 54
MVP: Beasley 44 points!

Game 5
Score: Me 75 Mike 66
MVP: Beasley: 28

Ryan W7-L1

Mike W1-L7

Some even though I let one slip by I am still kicking some major ass. I expect Mike to win every 30 games... If he's lucky

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bracket

Alright fans, we have a Sports Censored Bracket on Facebook. Join up and we will post the leaders through out the big dance. Join below. I will fucking own all that come to my house..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Very Busy today

Maybe this will hold you all over.. Maybe the best fans in the world?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brotherly Love

Ryan says:
My brother is finally done playing basketball and now can grace us with his presence on the site
Justin says:
Yup, it's over.. Now I have free time.
Ryan says:
It's a Two horse race for MVP in the NBA. Who you got? KOBE or Lebron?
Justin says:
Well i love Lebron he is a beast and i would love to see the cavs make the finals again. But i gotta say Kobe
Ryan says:
I do agree that Kobe is the leader at this point. He finally has a clue about team basketball.
Ryan says:
The Lakers are winning and Phil has a real shot at number 10
Justin says:
Yeah the Lakers are the best team in the NBA and they doing it with Kobe not scoring 50points every game
Ryan says:
How fast do things change? The start of the season, Kobe says this team is no good and I want out and now look where we stand.
Justin says:
Yeah he is trusting them and giving the a chance and look they are the best team and i hope they can get to the finals the Lakers are my fave West team
Ryan says:
I have a Laker vs Celtic Final dream. It would do wonders for the NBA ratings.
Justin says:
yeah that would be cool like back in the Bird Magic days. But i want Kobe vs Lebron!!
Ryan says:
Also could be good but I say the series is a 4-0 sweep to the lakers and may get boring. A Kobe vs Lebron Final would be huge for the NBA as well.
Justin says:
i think it would not be a 4-0 sweep more like 4-2 Lakers But Lebron Might just become Superman again like he did last year
Ryan says:
I bet Stern and NBA are gonna do everything in their power to stop the Pistons from getting there..
Justin says:
O back to the NBA is fixed topic..
Ryan says:
O he will, he's a fucking freak
Ryan says:
The NBA knows the Pistons would hurt the ratings
Justin says:
Na don't matter the pistons cant beat the cavs or the Celtics don't matter
Ryan says:
LOL not so fast
Justin says:
yeah prob true but i don't think the pistons can beat those two teams
Ryan says:
How can you say that? The Pistons bench is younger and deeper then ever
Ryan says:
The cavs are only as good as Lebron is, off night for him and they suck.
Justin says:
they are just to good and Lebron will beat the pistons by him self again just like last year
Ryan says:
They took the Bulls trash/Piston trash.. That trash is labeled Ben Wallace
Ryan says:
The odds are not in the Cavs favor
Ryan says:
Just another reason why James won't win the MVP. Not winning enough
Ryan says:
Plays in the East too
Ryan says:
Kobe is gonna get his MVP.. That should help his ego..
Ryan says:
You know Kobe looks at himself in the mirror for like hours at a time everyday
Justin says:
yeah i know but i still love him! But Kobe does deserve it. Last year this time the lakers were the 7th or 8th spot in the west.
Ryan says:
The real reason is the bigs... Pow! and Andrew
Ryan says:
That will make you better any day of the week
Justin says:
yeah that helps alot also
Justin says:
But Kobe is always great and always int he MVP race its just now his team is winning
Ryan says:
Well thanks for the time Justin. I don't think we really talked about who supposed to be the MVP but who gives a Fuck right? Free world? That's the SC way.. That way is things not done very well.
Justin says:
lol yes Kobe for the MVP!!
Ryan says:
Alright there you have it. Kobe for MVP and we will have Justin back next week.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I just stumbled on this memory.. I used to dance to this video. My two fav things at the time. MJ and MJ... What the Fuck is going on in this picture?

Youtube to go along for those... who didn't watch it.

Power Poll's & youtube's

The SC Fucking Power Poll

-Went to Duke and beat them. Nuff said right? Physco T has won at Duke Three damn times! Not many players can say that. Duke just took a dump in the end of that game.
2.UCLA-Sorry Memphis you are getting knocked down again. UCLA plays in the Pac10 and just won the P10. They pull one out of their ass the other night vs Stanford & Cal which means they can win the tough games. I expect a Final 4 run with out question.
3.Tenn-Sorry Tiger fan's you are getting bumped down again. Who beat you on you're home court? That's right the Vols. CUSA doesn't help you.. It's only hurts.
4.Memphis-There you are! The 4 spot. Tough games playing UAB?,Marsh and SMU? I just don't see this team be ready for the big time. Hate all you want on me folks. I see what I see...
5.Wisconsin-Giving out some Big Ten Love! The Badgers have played well and have taken over the Big Ten. I don't know how the old man can coach so well.. Atleast he looks old.. But he can coach. I don't like them but they are good.

Dark Horse- Still Sticking with KState.. You'll all see when the time comes..Bwahahahahahaha.

How Awesome our Air Jordan ads?... too fucking awesome. But they didn't srat out so great..

Then the good stuff came.

I showed you young people Shawn "candy nose" Kemp last week. Now for D.Wilkins. He was alot like Vince Carter of the 80's. Could dunk like Jesus but didn't live up at times. His top 10 for the kids.

Here is a nice Dr.J vs Jordan Game. Also some Barkley moments.

More on Kenny George. The fucker can dunk it without jumping.. Whats next?

The Rockets do there best Dikembe Mutombo... I just wet myself.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well I had to call Blogger help line just to log onto the site. SOme how my password was changed and it kept me out the last few days. I was worried to hell that someone hacked my blog was gonna turn it into some asian porn blog. The good news that did happen. The bad news, more half ass sports talk. Mail!!

Who do you have Kobe or Lebron for MVP?

Right now I have Kobe. Yeah Lebron has put up some great numbers and I love the freak to death but Kobe is winning more and plays in the west and does play better D then Lebron. My brother and I will have a Brotherly Love on Thursday about this.

Duke Still in the SC top fucking 5?

I am not sure.. We will see come tomorrow. They played well until the last 2 mins of the game. That's when it matters most..right?

What's the chances of Michigan running the Big Ten Tourney for a NCAA title bid? Go Blue!

Us Michigan fans can Go Blue all we want... I have a better chance of growing a 3rd arm out of my ass. This is one of the worst Michigan Teams I have seen. They play well for bits but blow it down the stretch. Just not enough talent. Check back with this team in 3 years.

Thats it.. Not much mail was sent to me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Me vs Mike

Well we played three games. I myself K-State and Mike ran the Memphis Tigers. I started out this little exploit with all three Wins.

Game 1
Me 76 Mike 66
MVP: Beasley with 25 points and 7 boards
During Game Quotes from Mike: "Fucking Foul Zebra Cake!" "You missed two fucking layups Willie!"
After Game Mike Quotes: "I am disgusted but my bench played solid."

Game 2
Me 86 Mike 61
MVP: Beasley with 19 points and 8 boards
During Game Quotes from Mike: "Shooting touch bitch" "Shooting touch my ass"
After Game Mike Quotes: "No comment"

Game 3
Mike started this game out winning 11-0 but after I gave him the head start I went on a 41-14 run to end the half..hahaha.
Me 84 Mike 58
MVP: Beasley with 27 points and 7 boards
During Game Quotes from Mike: "Dumb Dick face Rose"
After Game Mike Quotes: "I am very Upset.. I must go rub my GF's back at home..bye."

So we now stand with...
Wins:3 Loses:0

Wins:0 Loses: 3

It will be interesting to see how bad this gets...

Me vs Mike

Alright I play Mike almost daily in College Hoops 2K8 for 360. We have been playing the game since Xmas. I figure why not doc our games. I have been kicking Mike's ass since XMAS. I think he has 2 victories all time vs me. That's right! Fucking 2! So Today I will play Mike and will report the score back to the blog. Even some quotes from Mike and myself. Then we will have all-time record starting today. Wish I would have thought of this sooner. My record would be like 110W to 2L.

I use K-State and Mike always uses Memphis and even has tried Tennessee with no Luck. I do run a season Legacy. I started out at Long Island U and now coach the Vermont Cats.

This Game is awesome by the way. I play the shit out of it. I hate EA basketball games. Ryan Millard loves them but he doesn't know jack shit. To bad EA bought out the College license. Now no more College Hoops... Fuck you EA. All you can make is football.. Bah!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Youtubes & Favre cuts the Lions a break

Well the torture for Lions fans is finally over. Brett Favre has called it quits. No more automatic losses to the Packers. We now have a chance. I will say the man was a great QB but I hated Brett for always kicking the Lion's ass on any Sunday or even Thanksgiving. He can finally stop killing my dreams and hopes.

Brett was very good. A true gun slinger. He had a lot of balls. Thats why he leads the NFL in all time INT too. He had many highlights but the night he played after his dad died will be his shining moment for me. He came out and played maybe the best game of his life. A low time for me with Favre was the dive he took for Michael Strahan to get the sack record. If I were Strahan I wouldn't even touched Brett due to the cheapness of achieving the recorded.

I don't have many thoughts about Favre. Just for the soul reason I hated watching the Packers kick the Lions ass for o... Lets say the last 15 Years. So here is a Sports Censored "Good fucking luck Brett & Thanks for night Terrors" solute.

Time for some Youtubes Boooyyyyysss

Brett Favre's first start.. With Chris "I fucking hate you" Berman.

ESPN bloopers.. Sorry no Chris Berman.. He's too perfect to fuck up. I do love Carl Lewis singing though.

I figured we would remember Shawn Kemp. For you kids who are young, this guys could play... I mean could play before the 7 kids with 6 mommies and all the Columbian bam bam he stuck up his nose.

Barry who gets the Honor of being on the SC banner, was one of the best RBs of all time. Proof.. Better then E.Smith.

I don't like hockey but this is worth a look. It's also a Michigan Moment.

The Night MJ lit up the Magic for 64. Also Shaq's first time playing MJ.

Monday, March 3, 2008

MaIL BAG of fun

Just another Monday.... To the mail bag we go~!

Hey Ryan and others who don't post... Why all the hate of Berman?

Don't get me started. I do like the call out on my friends who are worthless posters. Anyway he just makes noises man! He says nothing clever. You can tell he thinks people tune in to see him. His Youtube video's back me up. He sucks the end. Even the readers thought he sucked with a 6 to 0 vote.

Hey Ryan whats your thoughts on OSU DE lineman and now NFL top 10 draft pick to be Vernon Gholston? I know your a huge Michigan fan so this should be good..

Ok.. Exhibit A is this picture.

Does the guy look like he's all natural? This cat is using something. The cream.. HGH.. Something! He will bring HGH terror onto the NFL ala Bonds when he begins to crush QBs. Is he good? Yes.. He was a 3star out of Detriot that UM didn't pay attention to and that cost them dearly. Ask Chad Henne..That hurts to look at.

What happened to Tennessee Ryan?

Yeah.. Well The one night stand was fast and embarrassing like always. Vander is a good team. Bad not for Tennessee as well. That program will be loaded for years with Bruce there. He sells the hell out of that place. Minor set back. This team can make it t the Final 4 with a cut down in TO and dumb mistakes.

Why do you say fuck all the time? Over used a bit?

WOW a fucking female reader.. Yes it's the gimmick of the site. If you don't like it.. Get the fuck out.. Na I'm just fucking joking with you. Thanks for reading the fucking site and I like that a female comes to this hole of a fucking blog. Thanks for Fucking mailing me. Nothing like a little fucking sports and the word fuck.

Who do you like for the number one pick in the NFL draft?

Jake Long all day baby.. He's a future pro bowler with out question. Great work ethic and talented and huge as hell! Gotta take him.. I do wish he would fall to the Lions.. Not happening..

Thanks for reading. Keep sending!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sorry I suck

Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days. I have been in Chicago and saw the all kinds of things. Now I am back and posting for the best fucking blog that no one knows about. Thanks to all who come. Comment once and while people so I know you are out there. Be back on on Monday with some Mail bag. I am also working with Mike & Ryan and trying to get some LnO shows going but they suck at calling back.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

% Game

The people spoke out and really liked this % game. I think I did well last time. Now lets do some %'s!

The Memphis Tigers making it to the Final 4
I have been hard on this team. Just mainly for being apart of the CUSA. That's not there fault at all. They played Tenn tough and I expect them to win out. But I see the same thing happening when they see a good team in the tourney as they did when they saw the Vols. In the Sweet 16 they will come across some Big ten team or Big East team who will beat them. They have great talent but not tested enough. The Tigers have a 41% of making it to the Final 4.

The % that Matt Ryan is a good NFL QB

I dunno, I just don't see whats so special about him. It's not a good year to draft a QB for one. Taking Matt Ryan with the number 1 pick might be pure nuts to me. I mean there are some good fucking DE out there. He threw a bunch of INT's and at times looked avg. I don't think he is a big time QB. Any other year he would be going in the mid to late first round. I like Chad Henne... Yeah I know he's Michigan! But Fucking good. Y0u watch! Matt Ryan has a 29% chance of being a great NFL QB.. Doesn't mean he won't be solid.. but not great

The % that Roger Clemons is Fucked
Just had some breaking news that Roger Clemons will be looked at by the FBI. Wow... Roger you Fucked... In fact... 100% Fucked!

If you the readers want more % write moaaaaar in the comments section and i will do some tonight.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laker Luck

Wow, how far has the LA Laker come? To start the year I had dreams of Kobe lighting up the score board in Chicago. I saw Kobe wearing the 24 in the Red and White while putting the Bulls back on top.

Fast Forward to now... Bulls suck ass. Lakers look fucking good. So what happened? Jerry luck ass Buss is what happened. The good Doctor worked some magic that should make him owner of the year and the luckiest asshole in the world. First thing was first.. Kept Kobe. He said "I don't care if you are gonna be a whiny bitch.. You are mine unless some teams gives me something of value." Second he showed Phil the money. Phil then waved his coaching magic stick that had even Luke Walton playing well. Third, Andrew Bynum was a good draft pick. Looked like junk at first but now looks like he may be an All-Star by next season. When he comes back the Lakers will become even more powerful... Nuts. Forth, Pow! Gasol! What a joke of a trade for the Fucking Grizzles. Send your trash like biggest Bust K.Brown and in return give you Gasol who has fitted into the triangle seamlessly. It's like taking shit at your house or work and taking that shit out of the tolit and going to a jewlery store and trading it for a gold ring with a huge diamond.

The Lakers are for real right now. They are for real for the Finals. How kick ass would it be if the Lakers and the Celtics showed up in the 2008 NBA Finals? It's a real possible dream. It would be great for the NBA and for the game. I would be rooting for the Celtics in that Case. I think KG deserves a ring more then any player in the NBA. Lets hope the NBA Refs can make this happen.. Har Har Har...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

youtube yo mama!

I can't golf but I bet I can swing better then Charles.

Always gotta give Dwight some Youtube time.

Shaq dancing.. Not bad for his age. We know he can't play basketball for his age very well.

top 10 plays of 2007

Remember when Jason Williams was good?

The SC Fucking Power College Basketball Poll

Alright I was right Mike and you were wrong. I had Tenn at number 1 and Memphis at 3. So now my Poll hasn't changed to much.

The SC Fucking Power College Basketball Poll

1.Tennessee-Not moving. Bruce can coach his fucking face off. Tenn is gonna be a power house from here on out.
2.North Car-Not much has changed they are still winning.
3.UCLA-Playing well as of late. Beat Oregon with those crazy black jerseys. Don't tell anyone but I liked them a just a bit.
4.Memphis-Lost... Still very good. But Final 4 good?
5.Duke-Just beat the hell out of St.Johns... What the hell happened to that damn program?

Just off the radar... Texas and Wiss.

Dropped off. Kansas.. They got beat you are out of here son!

Dark Horse-K-State, even though they have lost a few they are still under rated and Beasley is blowing up in every game. Once the Madness comes it will be a tough team to beat.

Be back later with some Youtubes. Gotta eat me some food.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sickly Man Mail Bag

Well sorry for dropping the ball the last few days. I have been sick as shit and it sucks. I am starting to feel better but the sickness still lingers. But I did get some email while sick. I also didn't do a LnO show due to my sickness that has me coughing into the mic every 2 secs. I will see how I am Wed and may recored a new one then. For now... The Mail bag!

Hey Ryan
Love the Blog and the show, the question I have is the Suns Trade. Did they make a mistake 1-2 now with Shaq. He still looks.. ahh slow.

Still to early to tell. Yeah He looks like he's bogging down who ever he plays for. He just can't get it done anymore. To slow, and misses even the easy stuff since he has no lift. I wonder if he will end his days like Mosses Malone? Playing for every team in the NBA and averaging 2.3 points game. Right now the trade looks bad as I said it would but our voters seem to think it is gonna work... You guys are fucking crazy..

You were wrong in the Kelvin Sampson thing. In the % game you said he was 100% fired.. You are wrong alot but I still like the blog.

O come the fuck on. I said fired yes but he resigned and now is gone. The Hoosiers didn't have the balls to pull the trigger and gave him the option to resign. If he refused to resign then he would have been fired. I was still right. Fuck that. When I play the % I know what the hell I am talking about. Cut me some freaking slack!

Hey man
You were right about Tenn Vols, nice work.

Thanks, I said Memphis would lose and they did. I proved Mike wrong who had them. I did come away very impressed with the Tigers. I thought the Vols might win by 8-10 points but it was close all the way. I still say Memphis loses in the sweet 16 or Elite 8.

On the Loud n Obnoxious show, Mike act like a nut. He just goes off. Does he really act like that? Thanks Keep up the great show.

Yeah, pretty much. Get him going and he will talk your ears off for hours about some topic. He does also use the word "fuck" that much in real life.

Tomorrow I will be back with some college hoops SC fucking Power Poll! Maybe some sauceome youtubes. Working on a new LnO show, as soon as I stop coughing up green shit... Thanks for sticking with me through the sickness. God for bid anyone else on the staff pick up the slack and do some fucking writing around here. For good messure here is a random picture of me at Lowe's.


Also a picture of Mike wearing my Bulls Zubaa's! Now I know everyone had a pair of Zubaa's if you were born by 1982. Mike sorry buddy..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someone's Garbage is another Man's Treasure

Well it's happened after just one and half seasons. The Bulls parted ways with waste of space Ben Wallace. Ben who was paid 60 million was alright last year and terrible at best this year. He was avging 8.8 rebs this year. I mean we are paying the fool 60 million! What the fuck Ben? Thats high way robbery! On the down side we get the same thing back but in the guard variety with Larry Hugues. He was good for Wash but junk for the Cavs. So we will see what Larry we get. Not to mention he was always hurt. Over paid at the moment. So no cap relief. Also pick up Drew Goodson who keep his traveling act alive by being trade bait all the time. He's solid but at this time I wanna see Ty Thomas get the mins. The Bulls also deal Joe Smith who was one of the bulls better players this year believe it or not. I don't think either team gets much from this deal. I think both teams exchange junk to one another. As the saying goes.. Someone's Garbage is another Man's Treasure. It might make both teams fucking worse. Time will tell. Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days, I have been a bit under the weather. I hope to have some new LnO shows by the weekend.

OMG Michigan leads Minn right now. Maybe going for 4 straight wins. Might be coming around. Gonna run through the big Ten tourney and make the field of 64??? Fuck no.. Next year? 50/50.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live from the Library!Power 5!Fab Fabe Youtube!

Since I am on the road tonight to ref a very important boys JV game, I figured I stop in the library and put up and little.. Something something. My College basketball rankings! My top 5! My power 5.. Whatever the fuck you wanna call it.. Wait can I type fuck at the library? Well so far no lights or warning lights came on.. I guess I can type "fuck". Back to the matter at hand.

The Sports Censored top fucking 5 college basketball poll.

1.Tennesse-They may not be the most talented but they have impressed me very much. Great coaching and in my cystel ball I see Tenn becoming a Mens Basketball power house in the very near future.
2.North Carolina-You might be asking.. What no Memphis in the top 2? Well Fuck the Tigers for now. NC plays in the ACC and Memphis plats in the CUSA. They play no one. NC has played well this year and has slipped up at times but a very soild team once they get Lawson back. Also Tylor is fucking nut and I love it!
3.Memphis-Alright here are the Tigers. I have issues putting them this high, they just don't play anyone. They almost lost to the Dragons the other night. I see an early exit in the tourny. They have a very strong roster with Rose and company but they need to play someone! Stop eating all the fucking cup cakes! Mike also uses this team when we play 2K8 and I kick his ass every time(I use KSU).
4.Kansas-This would have been Duke if they wouldn't have laid an egg in WF. So it's Kansas. I avery good vetren team who go far in the tourny. They have played well in the Big 12. I don't got much on them. They can ball... hmmm.
5.Duke-I watch duke alot, maybe becuase they play every night on ESPN. I don't hate Duke like alot of people. I love how they get after it and just go hard. They are not as loaded as previous years but have some good young gunners. Before the WF lost they were rolling and might have been 2 on this list. They will make a run. The dukies always do. For the people who hate them I say fuck you. They play good hard basketball. There is something wrong with you if you can't see that.

Dark Horse-I have became found of Kansas State as of late. Not just because I use them in College basketball 2k8(which blows MM out of the water Millard!)but because they are fucking good and have Mr.Beasley. He only had 40 points and 17 boards the last game. With super stars you can go far in the tourny and this team will. They have a great team around Beasley. Walker can ball as well. This team is a dark horse at 25 in the polls right now. They will make a run. I would surpirse if they didn't make the elite 8. Watch this team.. They are for real.

Now for some Youtubes!
FAB Five LOVE! Let your Nutz hang low!(as the fab5 said)

Monday, February 18, 2008

SuperMAN! Mail Bag

After my boy Dwight Howard put on a show at the AS dunk contest and game, the mail came flying in.! Howard for Presz! Howard wins Nobel Prize! Howard kisses baby!

Is Howard the best dunker ever?


No..BUT! He is the best Big man dunker of all time. Thats pretty easy. Maybe Larry Nance comes closest. Best Dunker goes to guys like MJ,Dr.J and Carter but I can't pick one so don't ask.

Love the blog! But Ryan that Super Man dunk wasn't even a dunk! He didn't even touch the rim!

Listen son! When you can jump so high that you can THROW it in the hoop.. It doesn't matter! When you are above the rim throwing it in.. It's a fucking dunk! He flew.. He threw it in the hoop. read that again.. Threw it in the hoop! Good lord! Thanks for reading Steve.

Do you watch NASCAR?

Fuck no... Not touching that one!

What do you hate about AS weekend?
Biggest SC fan

I just hate all the hoopla. Like with the super bowl. Does the intro with the players have to be 20 mins long? Hell no. Like back in the day. Just name the players off, then lets hit the hardwood. I also fucking hate all the super stars dogging out og the dunk contest. Lebron I looking at you. Stop being a pussy and get in there. Dwight showed that you can be cool and be in the dunk contest.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The % Game

Alright this is where I give my % that "the Shit" happens or what have you. It's pretty simple. Here we go(super mario)!

Slam Dunk Winner.
Damn, I am a big fan of Howard but I have the feeling he could get robbed again. I also have a feeling Mr.Moon may put on a show. I have been wrong before..Or alot.
I know I am not giving my boy Rudy Gay enough credit but I just see Mario Moon and Howard being more creative.

The % that the Kidd Trade Goes Through.
D.George Needs to get the hell out of way. He isn't gonna get a big contact and I know you don't wanna head to the terrile Garden State but the Mavs fans are gonna end up hating you and Mark Cuban may move your locker outside next to the trash. Just let the trade go through. You are not Kobe mama jammer Bryant. Ryan Millard says It's awful move for the Mavs since Devin Harris will be the best PG in the league in a few years. I dunno about that but he is good. That Good? Psss... Ryan have you ever heard of Chris Paul?
42% The deal goes through.

Spygate becomes something?
This could go very bad. I think it might. Could a Super Bowl be yanked? Tha Pats rep would be ruined and maybe as bad as the "Black Sox". I say this thing is heating up...
62% Spygate blows up!

Kelvin Sampson gets fired?
Wow, what an idiot. You did it once and got spanked and then you went back again. What do you not get? YOU CAN'T CALL KIDS! Have fun coaching at Long Island U! You are done son! Hooiser fans are crying them selfs to sleep. Nice work Kelvin!
I say 100% Fucking Fired!

Chris Berman Still suck?

100% Yes!

Enjoy the all-star weekend! I got the West by 15...

Sorry SC Fans

Been away for a few days due to lots of refing. Now I am back. Did a horrible Girls game last night with about 1,000 fucking fouls & million TO's. Mike also almost T'ed up a chump coach. Anywho I will be back later today with the % Game. Stay Tuned..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fuck Chris"gimmick"Berman & GO BLUE

Youtube day.. I made a Michigan video. I just wanted to show off that "Big Ten Speed".

Then we have the Chris Berman Videos that have been making there way onto the internet in the last few weeks. Someone at ESPN must hate Chris because they keep putting these out. I love it. His own ESPN thing is a gimmick. I mean.. I can't even watch NFL highlights without hearing a bunch of nosies. WHHHHHHAAAATTT? I hear that like 1000 times. He sucks and he's an asshole and these videos show that. I love it. I love it... I love it.

Fuck you Berman. People don't like you.. This blog is the leader for the "Hate Hate Hate" of Chris "gimmick" Berman. Okey... I am done.

ESPN needs to fire Berman and hire this guy... BOOOOOM Goes the... I don't even have to finish.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Loud n Obnoxious x2!

Got some treats today. Got two new spanking LnO shows. One about MLB roids and the other about the shit BCS system. Please enjoy or hate. We got some hate from our last Super bowl special.

Oh, Oh I hate the giants, they're so boring! Fuck you, and your mother. Giants SB CHAMPS! *18-1.

and my response

I don't think we like the Pats much more. We just think the Giants are boring. But I do love the comment! So go fuck yourself and good day to you.

So any feedback is good feedback IMO. I also changed up my days a bit. Football is now over and I will only talk football if something major happens.. Like the Pats getting Super Bowls yanked for video taping Ram cheerleaders in the showers.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Plan

Hey fuckers(I love you all). I will be back on monday with a mail bag,LnO show and a new programming guide since NFL is in the off season. For now enjoy this youtube of Chris Berman(who I hate). It shows what an asshole,dbag he is. Anyone who wants to be apart of the mail bag just email me. Have a good weekend...Fuck you..Love you... GO BULLS!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brotherly Love Trade Talks

Ryan says:
Well Justin you were right about Eli and the Giants all along. I must come out and say... You were right... I was wrong.
Justin says:
Well yes i knew the Giants could win they were underdogs but a really good team with a good QB
Ryan says:
It sucks being wrong. I can tell you that much.
Ryan says:
They just got hot.. It will be interesting to see them next year
Justin says:
lol yes you did lose!
Justin says:
Well I dont know how they will do bc alot of the time when ever teams go to the super bowl then the next year they will do bad
Ryan says:
Thats the NFL for yea
Ryan says:
Thats why the Lions give me hope
Ryan says:
Wait.. Nope the Lions still suck
Justin says:
but I think they will do good Eli will feel better about him self playing and as long as that D stays good they will be good
Justin says:
Yea they never give hope LoL
Justin says:
but i think the Giants can be good and make the playoffs again
Ryan says:
Well onto the NBA. Football is over. Shaq just got delt for Shawn Marion
Ryan says:
Who wins in this deal?
Justin says:
Well first off i could not believe it i got up at like 11:30 and turned on the tv to look at the Signing day stuff and there it was breaking news on espn i was shocked!
Ryan says:
You are a Shaq fan. Back in the days with the Lakers. Or were you a Laker fan? I never could tell.
Justin says:
I think that for the first 2years the suns will win the deal. bc if he does what they want him to do be a Defensive player they can be good
Ryan says:
Will he last 2 years?
Justin says:
Well i still love the lakers and i like that they got Paul but i do like Shaq i jus hate dwade and the heat. but i hope he does good for the suns
Justin says:
Yea i think 3 or 4
Ryan says:
The Heat just got there Scottie Pippen for Dwade
Ryan says:
3 or 4 years
Ryan says:
Ryan says:
Your stright up nuts. His play has dropped big time
Justin says:
but after that then the heat bc they will be younger and wade will be 100% and they will be getting a good lott pick
Justin says:
Justin says:
they only want him for D and if he accepts that then he can still be good
Ryan says:
Yes, he's not an All-Star anymore. His avg is 14ppg, the suns will be lucky to get 2 years out of him
Ryan says:
I think the Heat are the winners in this trade
Ryan says:
They got alot for a broken down player
Justin says:
in the long run yes
Justin says:
but for now no that team is done for the year
Justin says:
the suns now get a better chance to the NBA title now
Ryan says:
But he won't accept that. He wants touchs. He bogged down the heat with his touchs. I bet the Heat start winning some games now. They won their first game with out Shaq
Ryan says:
If he stays healthy. The Matrix can be a Pippen for Wade and that can only make the Heat better when they get a good draft pick.
Justin says:
but with nash being the best passer EVER!! to play we will still score 10PTS bc of it and off rebounds
Justin says:
but for now and maybe next year this trade helps out the suns bc all they want is a NBA title.
Justin says:
But the Matrix can be a good player for wade if he ever gets back on track
Ryan says:
I just don't see it working out. . He will get Healthy again.
Ryan says:
I think Shaq should hang it up and goto TNT
Justin says:
well i dont know it can be great or just bad Shaq might do for the suns that he did for heat when they won it.
Justin says:
He would be great on TNT with Charles
Ryan says:
Thats what he needs to start doing. His game is dropping fast
Justin says:
well he is getting old and hurt alot but if he gets in shape and takes his role then they will be alright
Ryan says:
Well we will see. Thanks for the time Justin
Justin says:
No Problem.. I love being right.
Ryan says:
You are 1-0 on our topics. We will see how this one pans out and fuck you..

The kid still has everyone by the balls

Mr.Pryor Pushed the date back.. sigh. The kid has us all by the nuts and he won't let go! I thought Michigan & OSU are the two finalest but now the Ducks and PSU back in fight for this kid. The Ducks I get... Nike world and mobile QB thing but PSU? I can't think of many great PSU QBs. PSU pro QBs? None. If one place will make you sit the bench, it's PSU. I guess Old Joe touched his dads heart. Pryor said he had his mind made up but his dad wanted him to take another look. Check out the Youtube.

So TP still holds all the schools hostage and keeps us wondering. I think he is eatting it up. Wouldn't you? I am just fucking tired of the hoopla. Lets get it over with it already so all these schools can move on. I did a site vote for who would win his services and we got alot of votes(246). Most votes from Michigan fans. Here's what came out of it.

Maize and Blue 74 (30%)

Tre$$ell U 172 (69%)

I guess now I should have put "other" or PSU. The TP hoolpa isn't a exact science.
A poster in a forum told me this

dont forget penn state. it is a longshot but they are still in it

I told him he was wrong... In the end I was wrong again...

I really don't think they are.. It is down to UM and OSU. Lets be real. Since votes have been casted I can't change the poll. Thanks to all who have voted and I will for sure use the the comment above in the post.

So I was wrong and PSU is back in. I still agree with the poll and say OSU is the leader. He says playing right away isn't needed but he is lying. Who doesn't want to play right away. Michigan that would be a real chance, the others say he will be they are blowing smoke up his ass. He might wait a year at OSU(maybe not) and who knows with Joe Pa. The Ducks could use him but like Leaf.. But maybe not that much. I just hope it's over fucking soon. This blog can't take it any longer.

Shaq going out West

Shaq has been delt to the Suns for Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks. The teams are just waiting for Shaq's phyical to come back positive. I am not sure what I think about this trade. Marion is a great player and as close to Pippen as you can get. This maybe a great thing for Wade and the Heat. Now the Heat will not be prisoner to Shaq demanding the ball in the post just watch him miss a layup. Wade will get his Pippen and the Heat can make some moves in the off season to get this team back on track. Shaq to Suns? I don't know if this will work. He won't be able to keep up. He's not "the Shaq" he was 5 years ago or even 2 years ago. You got him to stop the Gasol trade but will he even be healthy when the time comes? Shaq is Fucking slow,Shaq will get fucking hurt,Shaq could be an issue in a locker room. Marion isn't happy I am sure about going to the Heat and a losing team but this can only help him become a better player and prove it wasn't Steve Nash that makes him the player he is.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Day off

Since I spent my whole weekend with the Super Bowl on the site. I am taking the day off.. My Cars.. Yes both, took a shit and I must tend to that. So if you missed the last few days of the Super Bowl posting check those out. I will be back late Tuesday or Wedsday with some new LnO shows and NBA talk.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Super Bowl LnO


Live Update! Mike just showed up to my place wearing this shirt for the SB...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Bowl Picks & Blog Battle

Alright here we have all our Super Bowl picks from the SC staff. Justin the only one who give the Giants a chance. He had them over Dallas.. So who knows? Below you will find my blog battle about the Super Bowl with Matt from

Ryan Aylsworth

Score: Pats 41 Giants 21
MVP: Tom Brady

Justin Aylsworth

Score: Pats 21 Giants 24
MVP: Eli Manning

Mike Packard

Score: Pats 34 Giants 17
MVP: Tom Brady

Ryan Millard

Score: Pats 34 Giants 7
MVP: Tom Brady

Sports Censored Readers
The Very Brady Pats: 16
The Giant Mannings: 5
Thanks to all who voted!

So we are a few days away from the wonder and drunken debauchery that is the Superbowl. I have teamed up with Ryan from "Sports Censored" to break down why we pick which team to win.

I brought this up so I gave Ryan his choice on which team to discuss. What is his favorite college? Michigan. And what current QB and all-time ladies man went to Michigan? Tom Brady.

So here you have it, the joint venture between the SC and the Hoch.


I don't want to blow my wad all at once and go straight into why Eli will take the Giants to the promised land, so I will just start with this: The Giants have a 10-game road win streak.

NO ONE has ever had that. When the Giants are able to get away from the confines of New York, Eli turns into Peyton. That is going to be one of the major reasons the Giants upset the country's darlings.

10-game winning streaks does not mean jack shit when you get to the Superbowl.. Are we allowed to say Superbowl??? Ahh fuck it. Yes, the Superbowl is it's own dog and what you've done up to then doesn't mean anything.

Even the Pats 18-0 record. Throw it all out the window. When you get to that point it's not a football game anymore. It's just some over blown spectable of TV ads and bad halftime shows.

History shows one team won't show up and the game sucks. However saying that, all of the Pats Super Bowl games have been close.

The Chances of Eli turning into Payton in the Super Bowl is about as great as Sports Censored getting an Ad during the Super Bowl. It isn't happening. Eli is due for his every 4-game choke.

I would agree that this is a "horse of a different color" if you will, and that everyone has a new stake.

You're right Eli won't be Peyton, but it wouldn't suprise me to find hem throw a few touchdowns.
The Giants have the ability on Offense to POUND the ball with Jacobs and Bradshaw. What is the greatest weakness of the Pats? The Defense. That isn't to say that it is a liability, but if you keep the Defense on the field, then you have neutralized Brady.

So, if they pound the ball, Brady sits on the bench...

I will agree with you that if the Giants want to stay in this game they must pound the rock. Keep those senior citizen LBs on the field. Junior Seau was in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. He was is the middle of his career then... I mean he's older then astro turf. So, yes, the Giants need to attack those old ass LBs.

But I do think the Pats CBs are very good. So good they will cause Eli many mistakes and I am thinking two INT that will give the Pats a great chance to win this game by two TDs.

I see the Pats secondary as the "X" factor if you will in causing Eli to come back down to earth and be the same old Eli will all know and love... Average at best.

What about the effect of the Giants' Secondary? That is their weaness, yet the patchwork has held together.

The showed Favre what it was like to face them last week, while in a different game the Brady showed that he has a propensity to throw the errant pass.

Where the Giants will succeed is the Defensive line. Osi and Michael will be the tandem that can finally show the Pats o-line for what the are: decent at best.

This is a defense that works together and should be able to get the pass rush going, since the secondary will hold the two outside guys, and the LB may be able to zone coverage Welker out of the game.

Yes they did do well with Farvre but there is a very good reason why Farvre is also the number one all time leader in throwing INTs. There are games where Farvre just falls apart. The wheels come off and he becomes a INT machine.

That was one of those nights.

The Lions would have had those picks. Any team would have.

I expect the Pats to bomb away on the Giant secondary as they did earlier in the season. Tom Brady went 32-42 with 356 yards & 2 TDs in the last meeting.

I expect a big game with big game plays. Moss will be dancing in the endzone on Sunday or mooning the crowd... I think Brady only throws errant passes when the Pats are up big (and when he was at Michigan). I don't expect that in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has won two super bowl MVPs and has the recored(32) for most completions in a Super Bowl(XXXVIII). So Tom plays well in the super bowl.

The Giants D-line is very good. Even with Michael's gap in his teeth. They can play. Tom Brady will have a field day unless they get to him. The proof is in the past and will become the future unless the Giants Dline steps up big time.

Brady is good. Everyone is already crowning him the best ever, and you can see that in his demeanor. He is starting to become what people want him to be and he knows that. You know what that means? Ego. His ego may get in the way.

He threw 8 INTs in the season, yet six of them were in the second half. He then threw 3 last week. Since this isn't an exact science, all we have are stats.

In 2006 he threw FOUR in the Postseason. (Loss in AFC Championship)
In 2005 he threw TWO in the Postseason. (Loss in Divisional Round)
In 2004 he threw ZERO in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)
In 2003 he threw TWO in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)
Missed Postseason in 2002
In 2001 he threw ONE in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)

What does this mean? Probably nothing, but the team is 1-2 in postseason appearances when he throws more then 2 interceptions. (1-2 as "playoff record"; not playoff game record)

Also, you already mentioned the aging LB core of the Pats. These are guys that need to retire, guys that need to be wearing Depends not helmets.

My LAST point: The Patriots are jerks, Belichick is a total ass and they were caught cheating. I don't care if they are going for 19-0, but some people will ALWAYS look at this season like this: They were cheaters.

You threw some very nice/useless stats out there. But Tom Brady is as humble as they come. He owns the Superbowl, he owns the NFL at this point. He will play well. It's in his Super Bowl DNA.

Are the Pats jerks? Yes. Did they cheat I don't think so. I don't think people have even talked about the spy gate. I mean they have went on to be 18-0! No cheating has been going on. Just a bunch of ass kicking.

Sure the Pats are becoming the Yankee's of the football world but what they have done is very impressive. I expect the Pats to handle the Giants and to be some what of a boring game full of Superbowl hoopla and a zillion ads.

My last point I will make is that The Giants will see the old Eli and the secondary will struggle alot again and be a long night for the city of NY. Sports Censored readers voted The very Brady Pats to win this game with a 16 to 5 vote. The readers know what I know... The Pats win.

I would like to thank Matt from Afraidofedhochuli for giving the new kid on the block, sports censored the time of day to do this Super Bowl Brawl.

Matt's Closing:
No thanks needed Ryan!

That was a good back and forth. Hopefully the game will be like that...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl Hoopla Weekend on SC and Loud n Obnoxious

Well it's here. All the hoopla that the super bowl brings. In the next coming days we will have alot of things going on. Here is a full schedule for all the festivities! I have more good news that we have recored our first youtube show. We are calling it "Loud n Obnoxious" and our first show is about the Michigan hire of Rich. It's an old topic but the guys had to get it off their chests. Enjoy the special weekend! Get fucking drunk and watch the game.

+Loud N Obnoxious(youtube)

+SC Staff Super Bowl Picks
+My blog battle with Matt from the kick ass blog
+Loud n Obnoxious Super Bowl special

I would like now to show off our first show of Loud N Obnoxious. We talk about the Michigan hire. There is alot of cussing so be warned. I hope you all enjoy the show there will be another show on Sunday and next week. Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The end of the "Shoe" Part 2

Back onto the count down. This will be my best 10-6 Air Jordans. Lets get right into it.

10. Air Jordan I

The very first AJ's. Yes they may not be the best looking shoe. It really shows the age and time of what the style was at the moment. It's simple and bright for the time.

9.Air Jordan XX

I would say these AJ's are very different. Some might say fucking ugly. I like them. The design art that goes over the laces is very cool with all the Air Jordan history explained in one art piece. I can't comment on the comfort but I can say I like the look.

8.Air Jordan XXII

I wanted to buy these but just could fork over $175 for shoes. I mean thats almost my fucking rent. That gives me shelter and food. I still like them. Very slick and simple. Great lines and the heels look kick ass. A great overall shoe.

7. Air Jordan VII

God did this shoe make me feel fucking cool as a kid. I got them the day they came out and everyone gave me looks at school as if I were wearing those cool Back to the future 2 shoes. I still own these shoes and now look horrible since I played them out so much.

6. Air Jordan V

I never got to own this shoe but I thought they were fucking awsome when I saw kids wear them. I still do. I love the clear bottoms and how simple but out there that the design gives off. Looks like a great shoe to just use for everyday things. I wish I had some. I think this shoe really helped push Jordan to the top and maybe started the craze about his shoes. I think this shoe captured that.

Over the weekend I will be back with my final 5. Should be good. I should be doing a show tonight with Mike & Ryan... About Fucking time. I know. So we will see how that goes. O and for NBA news. Jason Kidd wants to be traded and what else is fucking new? I hear the Cavs have given intrest whitch would be great for them but I don't know if the Cavs can offer anything back. I don't see Rod Thron giving Kidd up for Junk.. AKA Larry Hughes...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Late Mail Bag

Got a late Mail bag going on here. Good question from Frankly...

If Michigan loses the Pryor war do you know what Rodriguez's backup plan

The back up plan is a kid named B.J. Daniels.... Straight from Rivals.

Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln quarterback B.J. Daniels has been one of the
fastest risers on the national recruiting scene over the last several months.
The 6-1, 203-pound signal caller has focused in on three schools with one of
those schools recently making a strong push.

Here is a Youtube to show you what the kid can do. He looks very good. This kid flew under the radar for a long time. Not sure how. He can throw better then Pryor and Run just as good. I will be happy with either one. The problem is that Pryor holds us all hostage by waiting until feb 6th. I am sure BJ doesn't like knowing he is a back up plan. Memphis is the other main player for him.. Yes you read right. We will see how it all folds out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sports Censored Special. The End Of the "Shoe" Part 1

A Sports Censored Special Post

The Air Jordan's.. The Bentley of shoes. These shoes started it all for basketball shoes. Before Jordan all you had was well junk(I know all you oldies are gonna hate on me). Not only did Michael Jordan change the game and made it his own. He change shoes and the way they were made and sold. Growing up I owned many Jordan's, I even failed to get the Jordan XI. I couldn't find them anywhere. At times they seemed bigger then basketball. I had to have these shoes and my parents wrenched at the thought about how much they were gonna cost one year after the next. I was lucky, my parents would help me buy them. I would play in them and treat them as if they were gold. If some fucker stepped on them I wouldn't let it go. I had to say "hey these cost more then your life! Do you mind?" No that's just a joke but I brought them to every game in the box they came in and cleaned them after every game.

On January 25th 2008 the last pair of Air Jordan's went on sale. The Air Jordan's XXIII. With a limited numbers for sale. Only 529 Lucky people will own these shoes. making it the rarest basketball shoe in history. Only 23 U.S. stores received them, and each of those stores were only given 23 pairs. Yes, you read right. All of the shoes are numbered (1 - 529 for the US). The retail price was $230 for this colorway. And apparently, just about everyone who camped out for them only bought them to resell them. I find sad because I would really want to own them. Here are a few Ebay Auctions that went up.
Jordan Auction 1
Jordan Auction 2

1,500 Is pretty crazy for some shoes but I would have to think they will be worth even more in time. Hell if you could get MJ to sign them.. Just think. I just couldn't sell something so rare. In this special 3 part post series. I will talk about the worst five Air Jordan's and Then My top ten. This will be just my opinion on what Air Jordan's were the best and what were the worst. Lets Start of with my worst 5 Air Jordan's. These shoes are all ugly and huge let downs. The Jordan has so much hype that it's hard to win every year but these shoes were down right ugly or felt clunky to me.

The Top 5 Worst Jordan's

5. The Air Jordan's XII.

I owned two pairs of these shoes. I bet your asking how it could be in my top 5 worst? Simple. My feet grew, so I went out and got the red and black. I had the white and black at first. At the time(7th or 8th grade) I liked them. I think I just forced my self to like them because they were Jordan's. But when I look back I really didn't. The look is very boring to me and bland. Not much to the shoe at all. The worst part about them was how clunky they were. I felt like I was wearing combat boots. They weighed a shit ton and made me feel like I could trip. Didn't matter though, I had to have them and did. The shoe left alot to be desired.

4. The Air Jordan's XVII

This shoe was during the Jordan Wizard come back. I just never thought much of the shoe. Once again bland. The blue is okay but it just didn't catch my eye. I never owned so I can't say how they felt. The black version looked a bit better IMO but still didn't warrant the cost of the shoe.

3. The Air Jordan's XXI

These shoe were okay but they just looked like they could be made my LA Gear or some shit. I like the simple look of them but that's about it. Nothing to really get excited over. Just average at best.

2.The Air Jordan's IX

The Air Jordan IX's are the strangest pair in the Jordan collection. Maybe it's because they make me think of baseball. It was a hard time for me. When I found out Michael was gonna retire I cried that day. Then the shoes came out and I wanted nothing to do with them. They are ugly and look like something Spalding shoes came up with. This I would say was the first bad Jordan. I wore a friends pair and I wasn't impressed. Felt like crap in fact. I read later that Nike didn't even want to release the shoe due to Jordan playing baseball and the shoe got put to the side and sorta just thrown out. That says alot when looking at the shoe. Jordan even said he had nothing to do with that shoe and in fact the only shoe he hasn't had a say in.

1.Air Jordan's XV

Wanna talk ugly? Lets talk ugly. These things are easily the worst Jordan ever made. I tried them on and I thought the XII were clunky and heavy... These must have been made my some crime lord so they could sink fuckers to the bottom of lake Michigan when they crossed the boss. They are plain as fuck, look like total ass. They had zero support around the ankle. Just a terrible shoe from start to end. Looks like a half ass effort. If you liked these shoes... Then you were dropped on your head as a child or you are Micheal Jordan.

Well there my top 5 worst Jordan's. If you would like to leave your top worst Jordan's in the comments feel free or shoot me an email I would like to compare or have a readers top worst/best. Sorry not college stuff today. These Sports censored Special posts are just that.. Special. Thanks for reading. I will have 10-5(best) tomorrow with maybe some NBA thoughts.

Mind Fucking Game

Bill Belichick is the biggest mind fuck you will see in the NFL. I mean the cut off hoodies are a big enough mind fuck. Last week Tom Brady was walking around in a cast.
It just blows my mind that ESPN and everyone else falls for this smoke and mirror bull shit. You know damn well Tom is fine and it's all for show in hopes the giants suck onto this trash like ESPN. Do really think he isn't gonna play? Unbeaten and the Super Bowl? Tom Brady would play if his nuts fell off. I don't wanna turn it to NFL Live and get a round table discussion on whether Tom Brady will play.

Maybe ESPN has to talk about or take it serious but they know it's all shit that Billy has spunked out to throw off everyone. The man has everyone on a fishing reel.
I like Tom Brady but I just can't stand the attention something like that gets when it's just pure trash. Yesterday Tom Brady got off the plane with no boot and walking just fine. Even looked liked he could go on Dancing with the Stars and win. I guess they have to talk about something. The week before the Super Bowl is full on dumb news reporting and even dumber players making idiot comments. So I am not surprised in the least that the media is/was eating of BootGate.

-Quick Suck note on the Detroit Lions-

Thinking about parting ways with DT Shawn "big Baby" Rogers. I start to wonder if they are trying to suck? Well Yes. But cutting your best DT in a D that is all ready horrible makes no since. Even if he not cutting the weight that you want. Did he not run in a TD this season? He's a solid DT if not a very good one. Lions you keep sucking and I'll keep watching because I am a fucking idiot...