Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let it Start!! Youtubes

Well the Madness is a few days way. I know today is college day but I will have all our(SC staff) final 4 picks on Friday. I must say the Tourney is very tough off this year to fucking figure out. Seems like there is a bunch gimmes every year on who to pick to win in the first round. This year I have so many games that I am just not sure about. I do felt they left the right teams out and no one really got screwed. I am very nervous though about my dark Horse pick, K-State going head to head with USC. I was hoping they wouldn't be higher then 9 seed but they got the 11 seed. That's a damn good 11 seed. I hope they kick OJ Mayo's Holleywood ass. I can't stand that kid or USC. :ike I said I will have all our final 4 picks on Friday. I love March baby.. Lets the Fucking madness Start!

Now on to the Youtube Tuesdays that we have here at SC.

KG before he was the big ticket.

Some more NBA stars in there High school days. Not even fair..

Some Brent Petway dunks...Thats about all he could do.

Jim rome fight!! It's a clssic.