Thursday, February 28, 2008

% Game

The people spoke out and really liked this % game. I think I did well last time. Now lets do some %'s!

The Memphis Tigers making it to the Final 4
I have been hard on this team. Just mainly for being apart of the CUSA. That's not there fault at all. They played Tenn tough and I expect them to win out. But I see the same thing happening when they see a good team in the tourney as they did when they saw the Vols. In the Sweet 16 they will come across some Big ten team or Big East team who will beat them. They have great talent but not tested enough. The Tigers have a 41% of making it to the Final 4.

The % that Matt Ryan is a good NFL QB

I dunno, I just don't see whats so special about him. It's not a good year to draft a QB for one. Taking Matt Ryan with the number 1 pick might be pure nuts to me. I mean there are some good fucking DE out there. He threw a bunch of INT's and at times looked avg. I don't think he is a big time QB. Any other year he would be going in the mid to late first round. I like Chad Henne... Yeah I know he's Michigan! But Fucking good. Y0u watch! Matt Ryan has a 29% chance of being a great NFL QB.. Doesn't mean he won't be solid.. but not great

The % that Roger Clemons is Fucked
Just had some breaking news that Roger Clemons will be looked at by the FBI. Wow... Roger you Fucked... In fact... 100% Fucked!

If you the readers want more % write moaaaaar in the comments section and i will do some tonight.