Friday, June 20, 2008

Zach+Celtics=Love Forever

My friend zfor3 who is a huge Celtic fan wrote this. I found it a good read and pretty much as homer as they get..

I start off by obviously stating that this was single handed the greatest NBA season and post season in recent memory. So many story lines year long... The Boston 3 party, Kobe, Rockets winning 22 straight, the race for the west, Trading deadline moves and all the coaching changes. I loved it..... So to start the summer I leave with you with notes that have nothing to do with anything really, but for some strange reason affects our world.

1) The 2008 Boston Celtics (you knew I would start here!)...The first overhauled team to ever win a championship in the same start.. I can see why KG never advanced in the playoffs before this season and the one with a young Sam Cassell and a Latrell that still had money. He is a pick n pop PF who loves the jump shot and does not have that take over mind set. There were fourth quarters where I forgot he was on the floor..Everyone talks about the signing of the big three, and rightfully so, but what about my 1998 big three signing that was also involved this season, Posey! Brown! Cassell! Sam didn't play much in the finals, but when he did the make-up of the game changed, bigger G who destroyed Fisher in the post causing the Lakers to adjust to a 39 year old alien. I could not be happier for PJ Brown, everything I have heard states that he is a classy guy, and his play was great throughout the post season. His 12pts (6-6 fg) and 7 rebs in 23 minutes against the Cavs in Game 7 will live forever in my house! And then there is my BENCH PLAYER MVP= James Posey! This guy is a joke, he was always on the floor, taked charges, hitting 3's LOCKING up Kobe (Not Jordan, but not quite Harold Miner either) and doing whatever it takes to win. It amazes me that every now and then a player from a small school (Xavier) ala Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen come into this league and CONTRIBUTE to a bunch of NBA titles. My next son will be name PO-Z! Megan may not agree. However, he will live forever in Zach's Celtic lure.

2) Tough to get off the C's, but I will. I have no fear of the Lakers in the future. As long as they have Gasol, there are no worries. C'mon man, are you kidding me. The C's had so little respect for his ability that they put Big Baby on him in a clinching game. He vanished more in the second half than I can constanly remember. H e was awful. And I wanna see a passport on this dude. Did you hear him talk? he sounded like he was from Memphis, not spain! check into that.

3) Back to the C's! Doc Rivers flat out destroyed Phil Jackson. Now I have never been a Jackson fan, I actually think he is a buddhist queer, but we'll talk about that later. He just thought that HIS LAKERS would walk into the house Red built and show up and win. But Doc was prepared man. His small ball line-ups were the difference. I understand that Jordan Farmar has gotten better, no doubt. But why in the hell in game four during the comeback did Fisher sit there the whole time? Jackson was a moron! I have always disliked him and this is another reason why. People put him a this level that he does not deserve. He got it good in this series. DOC! DOC!

last thoughts.... 5) Vinny Del Negro? wow. 4)Bavetta is accused of cheating in the days prior to game 5. then REFS THE DAMN GAME!! 3) If the bulls don't take Rose they're idiots. MB will get that NBA money and end up spending it all on Tattoo's. 2) I hope Gilbert opts out (he did) and then loses his mind and ends up in Europe. what an ass. 1) BREAK UP THE PISTONS! I could say that forever! Sheed is an ass....loser.


5. Ron Artest
4.Chauncey Billups
3.RIP Hamilton
2.Sasha Vullijuic

Zach how could you hate fish? Tisk Tisk..

It's offical I have man crush on KG...