Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The end of the "Shoe" Part 2

Back onto the count down. This will be my best 10-6 Air Jordans. Lets get right into it.

10. Air Jordan I

The very first AJ's. Yes they may not be the best looking shoe. It really shows the age and time of what the style was at the moment. It's simple and bright for the time.

9.Air Jordan XX

I would say these AJ's are very different. Some might say fucking ugly. I like them. The design art that goes over the laces is very cool with all the Air Jordan history explained in one art piece. I can't comment on the comfort but I can say I like the look.

8.Air Jordan XXII

I wanted to buy these but just could fork over $175 for shoes. I mean thats almost my fucking rent. That gives me shelter and food. I still like them. Very slick and simple. Great lines and the heels look kick ass. A great overall shoe.

7. Air Jordan VII

God did this shoe make me feel fucking cool as a kid. I got them the day they came out and everyone gave me looks at school as if I were wearing those cool Back to the future 2 shoes. I still own these shoes and now look horrible since I played them out so much.

6. Air Jordan V

I never got to own this shoe but I thought they were fucking awsome when I saw kids wear them. I still do. I love the clear bottoms and how simple but out there that the design gives off. Looks like a great shoe to just use for everyday things. I wish I had some. I think this shoe really helped push Jordan to the top and maybe started the craze about his shoes. I think this shoe captured that.

Over the weekend I will be back with my final 5. Should be good. I should be doing a show tonight with Mike & Ryan... About Fucking time. I know. So we will see how that goes. O and for NBA news. Jason Kidd wants to be traded and what else is fucking new? I hear the Cavs have given intrest whitch would be great for them but I don't know if the Cavs can offer anything back. I don't see Rod Thron giving Kidd up for Junk.. AKA Larry Hughes...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Late Mail Bag

Got a late Mail bag going on here. Good question from Frankly...

If Michigan loses the Pryor war do you know what Rodriguez's backup plan

The back up plan is a kid named B.J. Daniels.... Straight from Rivals.

Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln quarterback B.J. Daniels has been one of the
fastest risers on the national recruiting scene over the last several months.
The 6-1, 203-pound signal caller has focused in on three schools with one of
those schools recently making a strong push.

Here is a Youtube to show you what the kid can do. He looks very good. This kid flew under the radar for a long time. Not sure how. He can throw better then Pryor and Run just as good. I will be happy with either one. The problem is that Pryor holds us all hostage by waiting until feb 6th. I am sure BJ doesn't like knowing he is a back up plan. Memphis is the other main player for him.. Yes you read right. We will see how it all folds out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sports Censored Special. The End Of the "Shoe" Part 1

A Sports Censored Special Post

The Air Jordan's.. The Bentley of shoes. These shoes started it all for basketball shoes. Before Jordan all you had was well junk(I know all you oldies are gonna hate on me). Not only did Michael Jordan change the game and made it his own. He change shoes and the way they were made and sold. Growing up I owned many Jordan's, I even failed to get the Jordan XI. I couldn't find them anywhere. At times they seemed bigger then basketball. I had to have these shoes and my parents wrenched at the thought about how much they were gonna cost one year after the next. I was lucky, my parents would help me buy them. I would play in them and treat them as if they were gold. If some fucker stepped on them I wouldn't let it go. I had to say "hey these cost more then your life! Do you mind?" No that's just a joke but I brought them to every game in the box they came in and cleaned them after every game.

On January 25th 2008 the last pair of Air Jordan's went on sale. The Air Jordan's XXIII. With a limited numbers for sale. Only 529 Lucky people will own these shoes. making it the rarest basketball shoe in history. Only 23 U.S. stores received them, and each of those stores were only given 23 pairs. Yes, you read right. All of the shoes are numbered (1 - 529 for the US). The retail price was $230 for this colorway. And apparently, just about everyone who camped out for them only bought them to resell them. I find sad because I would really want to own them. Here are a few Ebay Auctions that went up.
Jordan Auction 1
Jordan Auction 2

1,500 Is pretty crazy for some shoes but I would have to think they will be worth even more in time. Hell if you could get MJ to sign them.. Just think. I just couldn't sell something so rare. In this special 3 part post series. I will talk about the worst five Air Jordan's and Then My top ten. This will be just my opinion on what Air Jordan's were the best and what were the worst. Lets Start of with my worst 5 Air Jordan's. These shoes are all ugly and huge let downs. The Jordan has so much hype that it's hard to win every year but these shoes were down right ugly or felt clunky to me.

The Top 5 Worst Jordan's

5. The Air Jordan's XII.

I owned two pairs of these shoes. I bet your asking how it could be in my top 5 worst? Simple. My feet grew, so I went out and got the red and black. I had the white and black at first. At the time(7th or 8th grade) I liked them. I think I just forced my self to like them because they were Jordan's. But when I look back I really didn't. The look is very boring to me and bland. Not much to the shoe at all. The worst part about them was how clunky they were. I felt like I was wearing combat boots. They weighed a shit ton and made me feel like I could trip. Didn't matter though, I had to have them and did. The shoe left alot to be desired.

4. The Air Jordan's XVII

This shoe was during the Jordan Wizard come back. I just never thought much of the shoe. Once again bland. The blue is okay but it just didn't catch my eye. I never owned so I can't say how they felt. The black version looked a bit better IMO but still didn't warrant the cost of the shoe.

3. The Air Jordan's XXI

These shoe were okay but they just looked like they could be made my LA Gear or some shit. I like the simple look of them but that's about it. Nothing to really get excited over. Just average at best.

2.The Air Jordan's IX

The Air Jordan IX's are the strangest pair in the Jordan collection. Maybe it's because they make me think of baseball. It was a hard time for me. When I found out Michael was gonna retire I cried that day. Then the shoes came out and I wanted nothing to do with them. They are ugly and look like something Spalding shoes came up with. This I would say was the first bad Jordan. I wore a friends pair and I wasn't impressed. Felt like crap in fact. I read later that Nike didn't even want to release the shoe due to Jordan playing baseball and the shoe got put to the side and sorta just thrown out. That says alot when looking at the shoe. Jordan even said he had nothing to do with that shoe and in fact the only shoe he hasn't had a say in.

1.Air Jordan's XV

Wanna talk ugly? Lets talk ugly. These things are easily the worst Jordan ever made. I tried them on and I thought the XII were clunky and heavy... These must have been made my some crime lord so they could sink fuckers to the bottom of lake Michigan when they crossed the boss. They are plain as fuck, look like total ass. They had zero support around the ankle. Just a terrible shoe from start to end. Looks like a half ass effort. If you liked these shoes... Then you were dropped on your head as a child or you are Micheal Jordan.

Well there my top 5 worst Jordan's. If you would like to leave your top worst Jordan's in the comments feel free or shoot me an email I would like to compare or have a readers top worst/best. Sorry not college stuff today. These Sports censored Special posts are just that.. Special. Thanks for reading. I will have 10-5(best) tomorrow with maybe some NBA thoughts.

Mind Fucking Game

Bill Belichick is the biggest mind fuck you will see in the NFL. I mean the cut off hoodies are a big enough mind fuck. Last week Tom Brady was walking around in a cast.
It just blows my mind that ESPN and everyone else falls for this smoke and mirror bull shit. You know damn well Tom is fine and it's all for show in hopes the giants suck onto this trash like ESPN. Do really think he isn't gonna play? Unbeaten and the Super Bowl? Tom Brady would play if his nuts fell off. I don't wanna turn it to NFL Live and get a round table discussion on whether Tom Brady will play.

Maybe ESPN has to talk about or take it serious but they know it's all shit that Billy has spunked out to throw off everyone. The man has everyone on a fishing reel.
I like Tom Brady but I just can't stand the attention something like that gets when it's just pure trash. Yesterday Tom Brady got off the plane with no boot and walking just fine. Even looked liked he could go on Dancing with the Stars and win. I guess they have to talk about something. The week before the Super Bowl is full on dumb news reporting and even dumber players making idiot comments. So I am not surprised in the least that the media is/was eating of BootGate.

-Quick Suck note on the Detroit Lions-

Thinking about parting ways with DT Shawn "big Baby" Rogers. I start to wonder if they are trying to suck? Well Yes. But cutting your best DT in a D that is all ready horrible makes no since. Even if he not cutting the weight that you want. Did he not run in a TD this season? He's a solid DT if not a very good one. Lions you keep sucking and I'll keep watching because I am a fucking idiot...

Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube Day

Figured we would do a little Youtube day for the kids.

My man Rasheed Wallace with the famous "both teams played hard". I laughed my ass when he said back in 03 and I still laugh now. Maybe the best Press conference ever in the NBA... God bless and good night.

This is the youtube wonder Sam Mcguffie. He is headed to Michigan and lets hope he's this good at the next level. When you jumping fools, you know the kid can fucking play.

Two Shaqs for the price of one!

Back when the LA Lakers and Kings had that West rivalry going Shaq shot this Music video. The Man is funny. No one could do that on the fly. Please retire and head to TNT. "Where everyone knows your name".

Shaq must be a reader of Sports Censored. He likes to use the word fuck too!

Randy Johnson puts a bird out of it's misery. I know the video is older then sports but it's still out of this world. The odds to that happening are like 1 in fuckin 1,000,0000. Think about.. Everything has to be perfect. The speed at which the bird is going.. The space and.. Never mind.

Jumping around on a trampoline with a basketball hoop seems like something I would have done back in the day. Then everything goes wrong and your leg is stuck in the damn rim. I did find it funny that his so called "friend"s scattered like a fart in the wind when he was crying out in pain. The best cure I guess was laughter to them.

Kenny George

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Kenny George from who cares University doesn't even have to jump.. I mean the fucker is 7'7". But slow and clunky. I would say he may have a Gheorghe Muresan future, but I doubt he will co-star with Billy Crystal in a Movie(my giant)

Also noted is that Tyler Hansbrough made him look pretty small when he dunked on Giant Gonzalez..

I had to... I am on a roll.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NBA,Corvettes and Big Hits.. O My!

The Miami Heat suck don't they? They haven't won since December 22, 2007. Yes you read right. They suck that fucking bad. What I don't get is ESPN and many others act like this is a shock. Back when they made the deal for Shaq, they knew they were trading for a Now chance at a Championship and giving up the future.

The Heat had a nice young core With Wade,Odem and Butler. The core that could win a NBA title some day if given the time. The Heat decided to Trade for the now chance and it did work. Now What I don't get is people shocked at how bad this team is. One the team has a bunch of random players no one wants to touch. That includes Jason Williams,Ricky Davis,Mark Blount and Smush Parker. The fact that you traded for Ricky Davis was putting doom to the rest of your season. The guy is fucking trash. He tried to get a triple double with the Cavs by rebing his own miss off his OWN basket.

Then you got SMush who was thrown out of LA and Jason Williams who never was nothing more then a street ball player who happened to get an NBA job(was fun to watch with the Kings). So you have all this trash and no wins. Not a Big surprise. The only guys worth saving on this team are Wade,Udonis Haslem and Dorell Wright... That's right no Shaq. I think his time is done. Like alot of players he will hang on and watch from some crappy teams bench Ala Moses Malone. I expect the Heat to start winning since Shaq is now hurt and out for awhile. Wade can now take over much like Lebron does for the Cavs. They won't have to worry about getting Shaq his touches and watch him miss Lay ups and dunks. You watch the Heat will start winning a few now. Shaq should just call it after this year and go and work for TNT. I know he won't but he should. So really there should be no surprise to this since you traded for now and NOW=Old Shaq and a bad supporting cast. You took the NBA title should have known that you would have to re-tool this roster as soon as you won that ring. Now you didn't and it's gonna hold you back and maybe even scare Wade when he becomes a free Agent. Good luck Miami Heat.. Your in alot of fucking trouble.

Now on to the daily Terrelle Pryor Show of the Blog. Pictures have came about with Pryor and this "Corvette".

I guess the Vette was borrowed from the a one Mr.Sarniak who owns a Glass factory who would very much like to see Mr.Pryor go to O$U. The same guy who just had a dinner with OSU. Word on the street is that the Vette will be given to Pryor as a grad gift.... Hmmmm Do I smell a Scandal if Pryor does choose O$U? Very Possible. I am starting to wonder if the kid is even worth the hassle now. I still want him at Michigan but damn it's looking bad for O$U if this Vette story is true. NCAA has been very soft on O$U as of late so this maybe just another fart on the rader to the NCAA's. This kid gives this blog something new everyday to write and were all suckers..Or maybe I am just the sucker.

Lit the FUCK up son!

Once again WVU fans will have to suffer more embarrassment from the hands of Michigan. During Senior Bowl Practice Jamar Adams hit Owen Schmitt so hard his helmet popped off. That isn't no small back or WR either.. That's a fuckin Mountain Man! Good Hit Jamar. Your Draft status just went up 10 pts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Michael fuckin Beasley

I don't have much time today but I just wanted talk about how good this kid is. A Man among boys. The kid is putting up Big time numbers. I like him more then Kevin Durant at this point last year. Beasley is avging 24 ppg and 12 rpg. I am sure he is one and done after this year. He makes KSU a big time threat come tournament time. One great player can get you through the tourney. Just ask Mellow and the Orange Men.

I got a chance to watch him last Saturday and I was impressed. I saw 3 point shots,big rebs and fade away jumpers. The kid can flat out play fucking ball. They were playing Texas A&M so now push over. If I had a pick in the draft I would take him number one at this point. I think O.J Mayo is a joke at the moment. I would take this kid any day of the week. I just wanted to say that. It's nothing special and maybe my worst post since I opened the SC doors. If you get a chance to see Michael Beasley this season, watch this stone cold fucker. He's gonna be a star.

Speaking of stud athletes, yesterday's Terrelle Pryor mail bag got alot of traffic. No one wonder so many schools are after this kid. The kid is Pure blogging gold at the moment. Alot of talk today was that the O$U is trying to pay him through a PA business man who knows Pryor who would like him to attend Ohio State Money Union University. Word on the street is that he has a new Corvette too? Hmmm Even Chris Webber wasn't sporting rides like that before coming to Michigan. So I guess we will keep an eye on that. I guess he's got a visit to go see Oregon Duck the Nike mega machine. So anything can happen but I don't put much stock into them. My inside sources say he stays close to home. Damn it Pryor! You got this Blog but the NUTZ! Enough classy writing...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mail Bag!

I hate adding fuel to the Pryor rumors and all that jazz cause I think the kid eats it up but I got this interesting email from a one "Mr.G". He had a bit of inside view from the hole called Ohio...




Yes the cap button was stuck on Mr.G's keyboard but that's cool. I don't know if this screams "Going to Michigan!" all over but does say Michigan is gonna be right there. I still think OSU has a slight edge but I could be so wrong(Like Eli). It sounds like the state of Ohio is worried unless you talk to the OSU insiders who call hima "Lock". That I say is pure shit fuck and Michigan or OSU could win this kid over at this point. I have learned in the world of recruiting that there is no "Locks"(ROJO anyone?). Then I asked if this info was 100%.. His reply.

The story is all 100% true

Then I just got a random Comment from a one John...

People seem to overlook the fact that Tom Brady is just one more amazing pro quarterback turned out by the machine known as MICHIGAN.

Yes that can be true at times. Maybe because his time at Michigan was a rocky one where fans chanted for Drew Henson and got benched at times in favor of Henson who at the time looked like a athletic god stud. We all know how that went. Brady did go on to beat Bama and play well at Michigan but I feel there are bad feeling and could be why he doesn't go back much or at all.. Random Brady pic! BOOOYEAH!~


That's the only words that came to mind last night when I was watching the Packers bite the dust. I am no Packer fan but a small part of me was cheering for Brett so he would finally fucking retire(killing my Lions for years). When Brett Threw that Int the only thing that busted in my mind was from Billy Madison when he yells "You blew it!". Now the Giants are heading to the SB and now the sports world will have to sit through a month of ESPN,PTI ect ect... Discussions, segments on will Brett come back or not? Thanks Brett for fucking that up. Ever heard of John Elway? He did it the right way. You are coming back so please spare us the "I need time to think" bullshit.

Picked! That wasn't the only blunder of the game but there is a reason why Brett holds the all time record for most INTs. He at times can be way off or make bad reads. Some nights he hot and others not. Last night was cold as fuck and so was Brett. It was just amazing anyone could catch a ball. The Packers had so many chances to win that game. They just couldn't get it done. While I am not thrilled to see the Giants in the SB, they deserve it none the less. I look even more fucking dumb since I told my brother in "brothrly love" that Eli wasn't worth building a team around. Now it looks like the kid can play and I am very wrong. He played well last night and hung in there, even after his shit kicker missed one big FG after another. I expected the Pats to win so no big surprise there. Brady will seal his legecy as the best QB of all time with this Super Bowl win. Guess where he came from everybody?... Michigan. Okey they has nothing to do with anythihg but I just thought I would point that out. I think the Super Bowl will either be very close or a Big Blow out. The score won't be 21 to 10.

>>>Speaking of the Super Bowl The super fucking awesome blog Afraid of Ed Hochuli will be doing a simulpost with Sport Censored for the Super Bowl next week. We will fight to the death on who we think will win. Matt is a Blogging vet and may well kick my ass but I got no shame and will go for the throat even if I look bad. Should be good, stay tuned.

Also, Bret will you please make this painless. Come out and say.. Yes I am coming back. This like what the 4th straight year of this? O and...

YOU BLEW IT(Packer fans will rain hate on me)!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Terrelle "I have everyone by the balls" Pryor

This is suppose to be my day off from blogging. But since I am a huge Michigan fan and the number one recruit in the country visited Michigan last night I thought I would play my odds game with this kid. I watched the this kid in the Army AA game he won the MVP and did impress me with a nice touch and great running style. When he got there that week for practice he was wearing a Michigan sweat shirt. All the O$U guys made him take it off. During the game, one of the buck fucks put a buckeye sticker on his helmet. During a break in the game and the camera on TP he pointed at the sticker and said something.. Not sure what. So what I am getting at is that... THE KID IS FUCKING WITH US! HE HAS EVERY MICHIGAN & OSU FAN BY THE BALLS! I think his mind is made up and he's just loving every second of making people wonder. Case and point..

Then he comes out and says he wants to play somewhere that packs 100,000+ Fans. Yesterday he came for official visit at Michigan. Here is a interweb report from some web site.

Charlie Batch came with him to be his "Mentor". Us Lion fans know Charlie is a nice guy but not a very good football player. That really has nothing to do with TP or anything. Just was throwing Charlie under the bus for the hell of it. Back to Pryor, The visit went well from what was heard. Here what the insiders at rivals have to say..

-A good vibe from TP on his visit. He came in late so he will be leaving later today
-Batch & RR hit it off (despite what people are saying from the pictures of them at the bball game)
-JT Floyd will ultimately land at Michigan
-Martin was supposed to be on his official visit, but may use it as an unofficial. He wanted to be there for TP and he skipped a big wrestling tournament to be there
-Barwis had the recruits in awe.

Not much on TP lean of UM or OSU but he had a good time. A few pics of the kid. I do feel sorry we had to show him how bad our basketball team is. That can't help since he talked about playing both sports(I don't see that happening). TP is sitting with his cousin and Michigan WR Tony Clemons who I have had the chance to talk with and help out with his Myspace and Tony is a great guy.

So it looks like the kid is having a good time. But who wouldn't take free visits? Even if you were sold on another school. Pryor coming to Michigan would be huge swing for Michigan. Give us an edge in recruiting for the next few years. Give Michigan the swing it needs to beat OSU and take back the rivalry. With Ryan Mallett heading to Ark I wonder how Pryor couldn't go with Michigan? He could start right away and run an Offense that makes many QB like Pat White look good and I don't think much of Pat White(Can't throw to save his life). I think Pryor can be a better QB then White due to being a better passer. RR would use him to his fullest and make him the center point of the offense. I think he would be nuts to turn that down. But OSU has been on his nuts longer and Tressel is dirty asshole. Who knows what snake things he has done to grab Pryor. For whatever reason I just don't have a good feeling about this. Like he is leading us on and Just fucking with Michigan. If this is the fact I will say he will become Michigan enemy number 1. I hope he comes to Michigan but I know there is always another huge recruit. RR will find a good QB for us. My % of Terrelle Pryor coming to Michigan is 48%. I think he is 52% O$U and I hope I am wrong. Either way he has us all by the balls and it's sick.

Chad Henne on Rome is burning. I hate Rome(dbag) but Henne is the man. Thanks for the everything Chad.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Brotherly Love ?Romo or Eli?

Ryan says:
Well this our first "brotherly Love where My brother and I talk sports or disagree with each other. Nothing new since we have disagreed our whole lives...
Ryan says:
Justin it's okay to say something...
Justin says:
ok lol
Ryan says:
Anyway we thought today we would talk Rome vs Eli
Justin says:
yea OK Eli is 10times better
Ryan says:
The topic is who would you rather build a team around?
Ryan says:
So I guess that means your horse is Eli
Justin says:
oh yea!
Ryan says:
I will take Romo because I do feel he is the better QB and was fucking awesome for me this fantasy season
Ryan says:
Alright my beef with Eli is that he is a sleep walker. He has the same board look on his face.
Justin says:
I take Eli he has more Experience playing pro ball. Has a good arm and is a Manning so that makes him sweet.
Ryan says: That makes him overrated.
Ryan says:
You can't tell if he QBing the NYG or watching TV on a couch. He's face is always...Duh......
Ryan says:
I will say his brother can play.
Ryan says:
But that doesn't mean he can. I think Eli was kid in the family that just played football cause he felt like he had to
Justin says:
He is a good QB he is a calm QB who does not let the pressure get to him like Romo did last year in the playoffs.
Ryan says:
Okay Romo slipped up.. He was basically a rookie
Justin says:
slipped up big!
Ryan says:
Eli has had a few years now and has made small improvements. Look what Romo has done in ONE YEAR!
Ryan says:
I like your puns
Ryan says:
"slipped" up
Ryan says:
Romo in one year has became a pro bowler
Justin says:
Yea Romo has got better in his short time but also look at him team
Ryan says:
Lets not forget and maybe the most important....
Ryan says:
Fucking Jessica Simpson. That says something about the man. What about his team?
Justin says:
he got T.O a good Rb a great TE Witten and #85 I don't know his name
Ryan says:
Nothing but the best here at SC.. "#85 I don't know his name"...
Justin says:
SO i think he has better players to play with than Eli
Justin says:
well i don't he is not a big name but a real good WR
Justin says:
Eli has Burgess that's really it and he has been hurt the whole year and the Shockey the Good TE is out with a Broken leg
Justin says:
So Romo has better players to play with and a better O-line
Ryan says:
Eli has a great WR core. Toomer(Michigan Man),Burgess(Mich State loser) and Smith.
Ryan says:
O yeah thanks for making my point even better.. Shockey
Justin says:
Smith is a rookie and Toomer is old not big play WR
Ryan says:
As we watch the Dallas/NYG game and Toomer has had a great day
Justin says:
yea he has he is a good wr But old and not as good as T.O
Ryan says:
its the 4th and Dallas is driving. Maybe the game will settle this for us?
Justin says:
but also i think Eli is a better leader
Ryan says:
Romo has done great things with TO after many QBs have had issues
Ryan says:
You have to be kidding
Ryan says:
My fucking Jaw hit the floor
Ryan says:
The NYG locker room has had spoke out about him not leading
Justin says:
no its just t.o has finally stop talking all the time
Ryan says:
Romo fucks Jessica! Leads the biggest franchise in the NFL,Pro bowler, great leader.. end of convo
Ryan says:
This is a no brain er
Justin says:
but Eli has done good this year and got his first playoff win on the road
Justin says:
there both good QB's i would just pick Eli
Ryan says:
About time I say
Ryan says:
Not me.. Romo has that "it" factor
Justin says:
and look how they did against the pats they almost won while the cowboys lost i think 48-20
Ryan says:
He got that Farvra in him
Ryan says:
They played the Pats better but is that how we measure qbs? Who plays better vs the Pats?
Justin says:
well the pats are like maybe even tho i hate them the best team maybe ever and I'm just saying bc there the best team this year
Ryan says:
Romo's side arm is as tasty as jam baby
Ryan says:
whole body of work my friend or brother
Justin says:
Ha Ha the side arm
Justin says:
that's your thing to
Ryan says:
What? Its beautiful
Ryan says:
Kurt did it.. Scott Mitchell did it! Wait he was before your time
Justin says:
yea he was
Justin says:
but side arm is not the best way of throwing i think
Ryan says:
The cowboys are closing in on a TD here.. I think Romo is gonna pull this out. Making me look right..
Justin says:
but how ever you get there as long as you get it there
Ryan says:
Not what the scouts like but the greats have used it.
Ryan says:
Look at Romo in the refs face.. Eli would never do such a thing
Ryan says:
Romo has huge balls
Justin says:
so what its not good to get in the refs face be nice to them
Ryan says:
Makes him better too.. He isn't scared to throw pick. If you play in NY.. Be very scared to fuck up
Justin says:
and romo just made a huge mistake by getting that flag
Ryan says:
LOL what? who are you? Nice?
Justin says:
Eli would not had done that
Justin says:
I'm nice I would never talk to the refs
Ryan says:
Also romo plays for Dallas! You can't play in NY and play well
Justin says:
Ryan says:
To much pressure
Ryan says:
The media is awful. So are the fans.. They suck. They give someone no slack to improve. Now or never
Ryan says:
It's NY
Justin says:
yea NY is a bad town to play for but he deals with it and is doing well now and hope they can beat the cowboys tonight then beat the packers
Ryan says:
The Packers are a whole another topic.. 3rd and 20 fro romo
Justin says:
yea now 4th and 20
Ryan says:
Well never mind...
Ryan says:
I hate them both...
Justin says:
hope they don't get it if they go for it
Justin says:
ok there punting i hope Eli can lead them down for another TD
Ryan says:
He will find a way to screw it up... YOU ARE NOT PAYTON! Wait maybe you are.. The Colts lost today.. Sorry Justin
Ryan says:
I had to
Justin says:
nice way to be a Prick!
Ryan says:
It's getting ugly, we will kill this thing here.. So we will be back next week with another topic where we will bicker and make bad to little points.
Ryan says:
Manning Sacked! Thanks for reading all! Point and win me!

Now with NYG winning, I look like a total ass after Romo played like shit and lost. Maybe Eli is better? Eli can shut me up if he can make it to the SB. Time will tell.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I must step into the phone booth

I was gonna post my brotherly love today like planned in the schedule but I need to edit it and make it easier to read. The reason I can't edit is because Mike and I must step in the phone booth and go Ref a girls basketball game. It should be a dozy full of jump balls and missed layups. I will try and get it up late tonight or early tomorrow. Now I am off! I must fly to some shit high school and ref to make the world right and fight against the evil fouls... I can't believe I just typed all that. I don't blame you if you never come back...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 3

I figured I would do my current top three NBA players. I Just felt like it. I also should have a Ryan vs Mike Internet show done soon. If you anyone wants to see a topic discussed just post it in a comment or email it my way. The NBA in mid season can be a bit boring to say. Some teams starting to tank, others thinking about it. Some playing harder then ever. I find this a way to keep me awake during the mid season.

1. Dwight Howard
I know what you are gonna say. Hey he is one of your favorite players. Yes true but the numbers and Wins don't lie. When you are avenging 23 and 15 a night and your team is Winning your gonna be #1. Shooting 60% won't hurt you either. The 24-16 Magic are playing well and just kick the shit out of my pathetic Bulls the the other Night. Also Note to Kwame Brown.. This what you were supposed to do. On another note. How in the fuck does the Orlando Magic get Shaq & Howard? Howard will be just as good as Shaq..Book it.

Howard you got robbed in the dunk contest.

Here are some youtubes that will give you all Dwight Man crushes.. If Kissing Rims don't.

2.Kobe Bryant
Kobe is doing something that he has never done before without Shaq..Win. Andrew just went down but I expect the winning to keep up. He seems to buy the fact he can't score 81 points & win the ring. No one expected the Lakers to go 26-11. Who knows maybe we will get a Celtic vs Lakers Final(I wouldn't bet my left nut on it but it could happen). I wish now my Bulls would have pulled the trigger on him. What were we thinking? Kobe's numbers and shot are down and the wins are up.. He finally fucking gets it.

Did I mention he has a smoking wife? What was he thinking?(you know what I am talking about..)

Top 10 Dunks

3.Lebron James
I know I know... Maybe he should be #1? He has been playing lights out and just dropped 51 points 8 & 9 last night on the suck ass Grizzles. But with the Cavs shit record of 20-18 he can't be any higher then 3 or even on my list at all. He is a state power house and on my fantasy team(8-2 by the way). He may even win MVP if his team can start to win more. Last years trip to the finals may had some luck in it but the kid is only 23 and that makes him scary as shit. He is turning into a great leader and that ugly ass jump shot is even getting better. Maybe once the Cavs GM gets some guys around Lebron they might start winning. You can start with dumping Larry Huges, He's junk and you over paid.

Lebron Stop being a pussy and do a dunk contest

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bowls Blow

That takes alot to say "Bowls Blow". Well it's true. The last few years I have started to hate the bowls more and more. This is what I can't fucking stand.

1.They wait to long to play. Football is not a game that you can just pick up and play. It isn't like basketball where you go to the fucking YMCA and play a pickup game. Do kids play pickup games of football? NO! I know the teams don't even hit much practice. I just don't think you can tell who the best team is. The NC game is even worse waiting a whooping two months to play the game. In pro sports they make a huge deal about teams who sweep a team and have to sit around and wait. Why is it any different here?

2.They don't mean shit! Unless were talking NC game. Does it matter if Michigan beats the Gators? Not really. Maybe a bit in recruiting but not much. The first game of the season is more important. When USC is playing whofuckingcares University is more important then the Rose Bowl you've got problems.

3.I'm sick of the same shit. How many times can I stand to see USC beat the fuck out of another big ten team in it's own back yard? I want USC to come to The big house for a bowl game or Lambo fucking field and play a Big Ten team. See how the snow effects them and not having the home game.

4.The Hype Sucks. There is no hype to these games. I felt like who gives a crap about the NC game and even a bit in my Michigan game. The season has been over for so long that it just kills the mood for me. I can't speak for others but it's like during Oct/Nov all I care about is college football. Then Dec goes by and into Jan and I just loose it. I am getting into basketball mode. This goes along with the wait of the games.

5.Games played for the wrong reasons. All the bowl games are played for is straight up cash. It's all about ads and bowl money. That's why no one wants it to end. They make truck fulls of cash. Fuck the teams that play all year, fuck knowing who is the best. We just want that CCCCCAAAAASSSSSSHHHHH!

Have a damn 8 team playoff. You can keep all your gay bowls. Put them in all the rounds leading up to the NC game. Simple as that. I rather bitch about who the best 8th team is then the who should be the NC. In my latest poll I asked if you liked the BCS and the cry has been loud and clear. Three people agree with me to zero people for the BCS. Maybe a few more will vote.. Please College football. Get this thing right. Until that day comes... Fuck the BCS.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Small Mail Bag!

Well I got one email. Thanks to the people who have started to come to the site. I hope to get more mail as the site gets more traffic. Here we go!!!

I read your I think it was your first blog. Nicely done. I was sick and
tired of hearing about SEC Speed. The only speed I saw from Florida was from
Percy Harvin. Hell, the DB's from Florida couldn't even contain Carson Butler
who ripped off a 65 yard run. Are you kidding me? A 6'6" 246 pound Tight End
does that against the supposed speedy defense of an SEC team. The media makes me
absolutely sick. They constantly talk about the SEC. If you ask me, I think the
Pac-10 has the most speed. Look at Oregon and USC. Their defenses are fast; they
have great play makers on offense. MaizeAndBlue

I guess this more of a comment than a question. Yes as I do agree in my posts. The SEC speed is all media talk and stuck in the SEC players minds. It makes them feel special and makes it more of a joke when Carson Butler out runs the "Fastest mother fo's" in college football! I do agree to the Pac10 can look pretty damn fast. I did see first hand when Dixon made the Wolverine look like a JV football team. I think if you play D1 you gonna be fast. Every team has speed. Get over it SEC!

If you wanna be apart of the mailbag send comments or questions to my email(found on the right under my name).


Tony Romo can now head back to Jessica Simpson and vacation all he wants. I am not gonna come out and say that him going on that vacation led to the Cowboys losing but it doesn't look good. I know she smoking and all but come on. This is just one man's opinion but can hanging out with Jessica on some hot vacation wait tell after the fucking playoffs?

I know she is smoking hot Tony but you have bigger fish to fry. Not to mention you lost to the NYG who I feel got lucky to even be where they are and to be out playoff's by the "other" Manning is just fucking awful. I am not a Cowboy fan by any means but as a NFL QB you need to be doing everything possible to prepare the playoffs. I guess that for Tony Romo is bonking Jessica Simpson in Mexico. Yes I just said "Bonking" damnit. Tony had a great season for the most part but did anyone notice that his "game" dropped badly when Jessica showed up? Tony just put the bitch's on the side for a month until you win a playoff game or a Super Bowl. I know it doesn't help that the team had a ton of penalties,bad Oline play and the D just not getting it done. So I won't put all the blame on Jessica but I would say there maybe something there. Eli showed by he is a Manning for once in his life but I am still not sold on him or this team. I expect them to get fucked hard by the Packers(no pun intended). I just can't see Eli playing well for two stright games. He never does. In fact on Thursday in brotherly Love my brother I talk who you would rather build a team around, Tony or Eli? I took Romo and now look like an idiot. I hope the Cowboys enjoy the time off and I hope Tony enjoys Jessica and Mexico.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I lied

Alright I planned on getting this place off the ground on the 7th but a wacky work week kept me away from the site. So The day we start up will be Jan 14th. I hope to have a recorded show with Mike & Ryan this weekend and have it up next week for everyone's pleasure. Sorry to put things on hold. I also gonna use my weekend to get more site link ups and connections.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Four Great Men

It's time to tell you a bit about the men that will make this blog a good read. First let me explain Sports Censored. It's a sports blog that will talk,walk and eat sports. SC will offer strong opinions. This is anything goes basis with the possible cuss word here and there or everywhere. All of us breath sports and not all the same sports but we think we know what were talking about. The blog will have a cutting edge cussing/sports talking/beer drinking Internet show(called Censored, looking for a better name) that will feature Ryan Millard vs Mike Packard. I think alot of you will enjoy the show. It maybe fucking awful or very funny. I guess time will tell. If you look to your right you will see the programming that will happen on SC. I hope to stick to that format as best as I can. Of course breaking news could take that day over or just lack of any good content could lead to anything interesting. It's always subject to change. There are alot of good sports blogs out there and I hope we at SC can be alot different then other blogs. Maybe a bit more funny or maybe so bad it's good for laugh. So lets see if this bitch has wings... Now onto the talent.

Justin Aylsworth(Go_Blue24)

Justin is the youngest of the team(17). Justin's time on the blog could be limited right now due to being mid basketball season. Justin watches NBA,NFL, College sports. Wants nothing to do with MLB but knows alot about WWE... Well that doesn't mean shit on this blog. The kid did goto Wrestlemainia 23. Justin has a man crush on Kevin Garnett and Payton Manning. Justin watches ESPN 24/7 and knows what he is talking about 75% of the time.

Justin has been to many sports events in his young life. Justin saw a old man Michael Jordan with the Wizards and has been to many Michigan football games. Justin will be in our Wed post called "Brotherly Love".

Playing experiences
-Frosh Basketball
-JV Basketball
-Varsity Basketball

Odd info: WWE is one of his favorite "Sports"

Ryan Millard

Ryan Millard is a kung foo master who knows alot about sports. Seeing from this picture you can see that Mike isn't impressed but I was. Ryan who I met at work is a big fan of all Detroit team besides the Lions who he claims is doomed for life and might as well move the team to Toronto. Ryan has been watching sports his whole life and is my partner in crime on the "RR Show" my aMAIZEing Ts Blog. Ryan's Role in this blog will be doing a Internet show with Mike Packard. it will be a Ryan vs Mike type of thing and I expect alot "hate hate Hate Hate hate" coming from Ryan and I bet alot of cussing.

Yes that's myself and Ryan wearing gay Xmas sweatshirts at a work party. I just wanna point out that a man who wears something like that knows his sports. I doubt Ryan does any to much posting on the blog but will be a treat on the show. Ryan does watch NBA,College,NFL and dabbles a bit in MLB & NHL. Ryan's dad is a huge sports fan as well. Even went so far as to flying to rose bowl in 1997 to see Michigan in the championship game. Paying $1,000 for the ticket. So Ryan does have good sports "pedigree". Ryan's hope for the show is to make Mike Packard look like a clown, it will be hard to come by since Mike can talk his face off. Good luck Ryan your gonna need it.

Playing experiences
-8th grade basketball "B Team"
-Frosh Football
-JV Football
-Varsity Football
-Varsity Tennis(do they have JV Tennis?)

Odd info: Listen to "ICP". Yes you read right...

Mike Packard

Mike Packard... Packard is sorta the fuel of the group. I am betting the best athlete of the group. He is a energy monster who can jaw with the best of them. His role in this blog with be going head to head with Ryan Millard on the Internet show talking sports topics. I will have to find a way to wrangle the two so it doesn't turn into a pissing contest. Mike will also be our MLB guru, maybe not as smart as Peter Gammons but knows his baseball. Mike still hasn't recovered from the Bartmen fiasco due to being a huge Cubs fan. Mike also watches all football and basketball and loves the evil Duke & Michigan State basketball programs. Mike will add good laughs to the blog and to the show.

We will try our best to hide the beer before Mike does a show but I can't promise that all the time. Mike does love sports though. I grew up playing basketball with Mike and never even liked him until 2004. Mike was such a dick when I played sports. He was two years ahead of me and he was cocky and had one hell of a mouth on him and I just thought he was a complete ass. Then we hung out at a Gus Macker(basketball tourney) and became friends quick and hung out ever since. At the moment we ref Girls/Boys basketball and we might be the best Reffing tandem EVAAAAR! Mike will be a good guy for this blog and I hope get many sound bites form him and Millard when they go at each other throats on the Internet show.

Playing experiences
-St. Charles 6th Grade Basketball
-Frosh Football
-Frosh Basketball
-JV Basketball
-Varsity Basketball
-Varsity Baseball
-Varsity Golf

Odd Info: Mike is a Cheers expert.

Ryan Aylsworth

Its hard to write about myself. I grew up in a house where my dad was throwing weather radio's at the wall when Isiah Thomas thew the ball to Bird on that famous out of bounds play. Sports were first. In my younger days I only watched and played basketball and was a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls. As I got older I got more into football and American Gladiators(as you can see). When I saw Howard flash the Heisman pose at Michigan I was a fan for life. I really can't stand baseball but will watch if it is the playoffs. I have started to enjoy the local whitecaps(AAA ball) baseball team for whatever reason. I have been a owner of Michigan season tickets and run my own Michigan T-shirt shop and blog. Sports keep me sane and I made this blog to talk them without any blockers or censors. I will do alot of the writing on this site, maybe not done well but alot. I hope you enjoy what us four men have to offer.

Playing experiences
-Jr Bowling League
-Frosh Basketball
-JV Basketball
-Varsity Basketball

Odd Info: American Gladiators is one of my favorite "sports".

That's everyone. I hope you all enjoy the blog.

Going Live on the 7th

On the 7th we will be going live with this blog. The Monday programming will start. This weekend I will introduce the great men that will help with this blog. Tell your friends..
Here is a little something for Gator Fans...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Timbow Te Who?

I am happy to say that my first post is a happy one. My Michigan Wolverines ate the former champs for lunch and than shaaat them out. I thought my first post was gonna be profiling the staff of this sauceome blog.. Yes I said sauceome... I will get to the losers that will help this blog and what SC is all about in the next post. For now I must bask in the light of kicking the ass of the Tebow Gators. Michigan came in and showed the The Gators and the SEC might wanna get off their fucking high horse and think about giving the rest of college football some respect. ESPN and the rest of the media has humped the SEC for awhile now and I can't stand it anymore. It's a great league, but come one. Don't act like their fucking untouchable. All that talk of the south speed just got thrown out the window when Michigan punched Tim Teebag and the Gators in the face. Michigan is now..

UM should have put 50+ up if Mike Hart doesn't have two freak fumbles. It's only been 1,002 carries since one. Chad Henne played his best game ever and raised his NFL stock. Now I have a bit on my mind with the Henne vs Tebow. Chad Henne will be on a NFL roster and maybe even be someones starter. Will Tebow? I don't think so, unless he becomes alot better out of the red zone. From what I saw Timmy couldn't hit anyone outside of a dump off pass. He's a great Redzone threat but anywhere else on the field is avg. I just wasn't impressed with Mr.Heisman. I expect Chad to go on to bigger things like the NFL. I expect Tebow to become a Gator Legend and that's about it. I could be wrong. But he just didn't knock my socks off. Then again the Michigan D was owning the line and kicking Tebow in the face on almost every play. Crable may have been right when he said

“I think y’all are too concerned with this Tebow, I mean he’s just a quarterback,” Crable said Saturday. “He’s really not (different.) He’s got some freakish stats because they use him differently, they use him in the red zone a lot to run the ball but he’s nothing more exceptional than we’ve ever played against.“If you ask me about (Oregon’s) Dennis Dixon or you ask me about (former Texas quarterback) Vince Young, I’d be like, now those are some freakish people. You ask me about this guy, he’s just a quarterback.”

Shawn Crable is my hero and he calls out Kirk...

My man has some balls. AAir had a big day as well. He had a field day with the Gator CBs. I just hope he sticks around for his Senior year. Mario as well but I can let him off a bit more because he has been less then a good leader and a ass to Ryan Mallett. AAir highlights. Catch of the year too IMO.

Well Coach Carr goes out on top and so do the Seniors. SEC can go to hell for all I care. I have been so sick of hearing the media and that conference talk about how great they are. This win feels good and I hope RR can do the job next year. I have a good feeling Michigan is on it's way back to the top of college football. Great win and a great way to send the so called best college football player home. With a lose. Almost forgot...


O Shit What Happend?