Monday, March 3, 2008

MaIL BAG of fun

Just another Monday.... To the mail bag we go~!

Hey Ryan and others who don't post... Why all the hate of Berman?

Don't get me started. I do like the call out on my friends who are worthless posters. Anyway he just makes noises man! He says nothing clever. You can tell he thinks people tune in to see him. His Youtube video's back me up. He sucks the end. Even the readers thought he sucked with a 6 to 0 vote.

Hey Ryan whats your thoughts on OSU DE lineman and now NFL top 10 draft pick to be Vernon Gholston? I know your a huge Michigan fan so this should be good..

Ok.. Exhibit A is this picture.

Does the guy look like he's all natural? This cat is using something. The cream.. HGH.. Something! He will bring HGH terror onto the NFL ala Bonds when he begins to crush QBs. Is he good? Yes.. He was a 3star out of Detriot that UM didn't pay attention to and that cost them dearly. Ask Chad Henne..That hurts to look at.

What happened to Tennessee Ryan?

Yeah.. Well The one night stand was fast and embarrassing like always. Vander is a good team. Bad not for Tennessee as well. That program will be loaded for years with Bruce there. He sells the hell out of that place. Minor set back. This team can make it t the Final 4 with a cut down in TO and dumb mistakes.

Why do you say fuck all the time? Over used a bit?

WOW a fucking female reader.. Yes it's the gimmick of the site. If you don't like it.. Get the fuck out.. Na I'm just fucking joking with you. Thanks for reading the fucking site and I like that a female comes to this hole of a fucking blog. Thanks for Fucking mailing me. Nothing like a little fucking sports and the word fuck.

Who do you like for the number one pick in the NFL draft?

Jake Long all day baby.. He's a future pro bowler with out question. Great work ethic and talented and huge as hell! Gotta take him.. I do wish he would fall to the Lions.. Not happening..

Thanks for reading. Keep sending!