Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The kid still has everyone by the balls

Mr.Pryor Pushed the date back.. sigh. The kid has us all by the nuts and he won't let go! I thought Michigan & OSU are the two finalest but now the Ducks and PSU back in fight for this kid. The Ducks I get... Nike world and mobile QB thing but PSU? I can't think of many great PSU QBs. PSU pro QBs? None. If one place will make you sit the bench, it's PSU. I guess Old Joe touched his dads heart. Pryor said he had his mind made up but his dad wanted him to take another look. Check out the Youtube.

So TP still holds all the schools hostage and keeps us wondering. I think he is eatting it up. Wouldn't you? I am just fucking tired of the hoopla. Lets get it over with it already so all these schools can move on. I did a site vote for who would win his services and we got alot of votes(246). Most votes from Michigan fans. Here's what came out of it.

Maize and Blue 74 (30%)

Tre$$ell U 172 (69%)

I guess now I should have put "other" or PSU. The TP hoolpa isn't a exact science.
A poster in a forum told me this

dont forget penn state. it is a longshot but they are still in it

I told him he was wrong... In the end I was wrong again...

I really don't think they are.. It is down to UM and OSU. Lets be real. Since votes have been casted I can't change the poll. Thanks to all who have voted and I will for sure use the the comment above in the post.

So I was wrong and PSU is back in. I still agree with the poll and say OSU is the leader. He says playing right away isn't needed but he is lying. Who doesn't want to play right away. Michigan that would be a real chance, the others say he will be they are blowing smoke up his ass. He might wait a year at OSU(maybe not) and who knows with Joe Pa. The Ducks could use him but like Leaf.. But maybe not that much. I just hope it's over fucking soon. This blog can't take it any longer.