Monday, February 18, 2008

SuperMAN! Mail Bag

After my boy Dwight Howard put on a show at the AS dunk contest and game, the mail came flying in.! Howard for Presz! Howard wins Nobel Prize! Howard kisses baby!

Is Howard the best dunker ever?


No..BUT! He is the best Big man dunker of all time. Thats pretty easy. Maybe Larry Nance comes closest. Best Dunker goes to guys like MJ,Dr.J and Carter but I can't pick one so don't ask.

Love the blog! But Ryan that Super Man dunk wasn't even a dunk! He didn't even touch the rim!

Listen son! When you can jump so high that you can THROW it in the hoop.. It doesn't matter! When you are above the rim throwing it in.. It's a fucking dunk! He flew.. He threw it in the hoop. read that again.. Threw it in the hoop! Good lord! Thanks for reading Steve.

Do you watch NASCAR?

Fuck no... Not touching that one!

What do you hate about AS weekend?
Biggest SC fan

I just hate all the hoopla. Like with the super bowl. Does the intro with the players have to be 20 mins long? Hell no. Like back in the day. Just name the players off, then lets hit the hardwood. I also fucking hate all the super stars dogging out og the dunk contest. Lebron I looking at you. Stop being a pussy and get in there. Dwight showed that you can be cool and be in the dunk contest.