Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someone's Garbage is another Man's Treasure

Well it's happened after just one and half seasons. The Bulls parted ways with waste of space Ben Wallace. Ben who was paid 60 million was alright last year and terrible at best this year. He was avging 8.8 rebs this year. I mean we are paying the fool 60 million! What the fuck Ben? Thats high way robbery! On the down side we get the same thing back but in the guard variety with Larry Hugues. He was good for Wash but junk for the Cavs. So we will see what Larry we get. Not to mention he was always hurt. Over paid at the moment. So no cap relief. Also pick up Drew Goodson who keep his traveling act alive by being trade bait all the time. He's solid but at this time I wanna see Ty Thomas get the mins. The Bulls also deal Joe Smith who was one of the bulls better players this year believe it or not. I don't think either team gets much from this deal. I think both teams exchange junk to one another. As the saying goes.. Someone's Garbage is another Man's Treasure. It might make both teams fucking worse. Time will tell. Sorry for the lack of posting the last few days, I have been a bit under the weather. I hope to have some new LnO shows by the weekend.

OMG Michigan leads Minn right now. Maybe going for 4 straight wins. Might be coming around. Gonna run through the big Ten tourney and make the field of 64??? Fuck no.. Next year? 50/50.