Friday, February 1, 2008

Super Bowl Hoopla Weekend on SC and Loud n Obnoxious

Well it's here. All the hoopla that the super bowl brings. In the next coming days we will have alot of things going on. Here is a full schedule for all the festivities! I have more good news that we have recored our first youtube show. We are calling it "Loud n Obnoxious" and our first show is about the Michigan hire of Rich. It's an old topic but the guys had to get it off their chests. Enjoy the special weekend! Get fucking drunk and watch the game.

+Loud N Obnoxious(youtube)

+SC Staff Super Bowl Picks
+My blog battle with Matt from the kick ass blog
+Loud n Obnoxious Super Bowl special

I would like now to show off our first show of Loud N Obnoxious. We talk about the Michigan hire. There is alot of cussing so be warned. I hope you all enjoy the show there will be another show on Sunday and next week. Thanks for watching!