Monday, March 17, 2008

Mail day, Poll

Slow mail.. Not much coming in this week. Come on people! Send me some tough in my face questions.

Hey Ryan,
Nice Blog! What number one seed do you have out first?

I have been "Hate hate hate hate hatin" on Memphis for some time now and you would think I would go with them. But for some reason something it saying jayhawks. Not sure why? They are good. Oh shit I dunno.

Are the Rockets for fucking real? Come on! 22!

Well Z.. At the moment yes. During a 7 games series? I am not so sure. I wouldn't put it past them. I would say sorta for real? That's not a real answer. Hmmm I will go with Yes. That team plays for each other and not the stats. T-mac finally gets it. Maybe a first round win?

We had 10 votes in our Best basketball confrece vote
ACC 2 (20%)

Big East 3 (30%)

Pac 10 1 (10%)

Big Ten 2 (20%)

Big 12 0 (0%)

SEC 2 (20%)

NEC... We got Jokes. 0 (0

So the Big east takes the cake. I tend to agree, plus there is a million fucking teams in the confrece. It's tough to play in. No NEC love... tisk tisk. Big 12 got snubbed too. I really don't like the Big12 unless we are talking Beasley and Kstae. Thanks for voting!