Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sports Censored Special. The End Of the "Shoe" Part 1

A Sports Censored Special Post

The Air Jordan's.. The Bentley of shoes. These shoes started it all for basketball shoes. Before Jordan all you had was well junk(I know all you oldies are gonna hate on me). Not only did Michael Jordan change the game and made it his own. He change shoes and the way they were made and sold. Growing up I owned many Jordan's, I even failed to get the Jordan XI. I couldn't find them anywhere. At times they seemed bigger then basketball. I had to have these shoes and my parents wrenched at the thought about how much they were gonna cost one year after the next. I was lucky, my parents would help me buy them. I would play in them and treat them as if they were gold. If some fucker stepped on them I wouldn't let it go. I had to say "hey these cost more then your life! Do you mind?" No that's just a joke but I brought them to every game in the box they came in and cleaned them after every game.

On January 25th 2008 the last pair of Air Jordan's went on sale. The Air Jordan's XXIII. With a limited numbers for sale. Only 529 Lucky people will own these shoes. making it the rarest basketball shoe in history. Only 23 U.S. stores received them, and each of those stores were only given 23 pairs. Yes, you read right. All of the shoes are numbered (1 - 529 for the US). The retail price was $230 for this colorway. And apparently, just about everyone who camped out for them only bought them to resell them. I find sad because I would really want to own them. Here are a few Ebay Auctions that went up.
Jordan Auction 1
Jordan Auction 2

1,500 Is pretty crazy for some shoes but I would have to think they will be worth even more in time. Hell if you could get MJ to sign them.. Just think. I just couldn't sell something so rare. In this special 3 part post series. I will talk about the worst five Air Jordan's and Then My top ten. This will be just my opinion on what Air Jordan's were the best and what were the worst. Lets Start of with my worst 5 Air Jordan's. These shoes are all ugly and huge let downs. The Jordan has so much hype that it's hard to win every year but these shoes were down right ugly or felt clunky to me.

The Top 5 Worst Jordan's

5. The Air Jordan's XII.

I owned two pairs of these shoes. I bet your asking how it could be in my top 5 worst? Simple. My feet grew, so I went out and got the red and black. I had the white and black at first. At the time(7th or 8th grade) I liked them. I think I just forced my self to like them because they were Jordan's. But when I look back I really didn't. The look is very boring to me and bland. Not much to the shoe at all. The worst part about them was how clunky they were. I felt like I was wearing combat boots. They weighed a shit ton and made me feel like I could trip. Didn't matter though, I had to have them and did. The shoe left alot to be desired.

4. The Air Jordan's XVII

This shoe was during the Jordan Wizard come back. I just never thought much of the shoe. Once again bland. The blue is okay but it just didn't catch my eye. I never owned so I can't say how they felt. The black version looked a bit better IMO but still didn't warrant the cost of the shoe.

3. The Air Jordan's XXI

These shoe were okay but they just looked like they could be made my LA Gear or some shit. I like the simple look of them but that's about it. Nothing to really get excited over. Just average at best.

2.The Air Jordan's IX

The Air Jordan IX's are the strangest pair in the Jordan collection. Maybe it's because they make me think of baseball. It was a hard time for me. When I found out Michael was gonna retire I cried that day. Then the shoes came out and I wanted nothing to do with them. They are ugly and look like something Spalding shoes came up with. This I would say was the first bad Jordan. I wore a friends pair and I wasn't impressed. Felt like crap in fact. I read later that Nike didn't even want to release the shoe due to Jordan playing baseball and the shoe got put to the side and sorta just thrown out. That says alot when looking at the shoe. Jordan even said he had nothing to do with that shoe and in fact the only shoe he hasn't had a say in.

1.Air Jordan's XV

Wanna talk ugly? Lets talk ugly. These things are easily the worst Jordan ever made. I tried them on and I thought the XII were clunky and heavy... These must have been made my some crime lord so they could sink fuckers to the bottom of lake Michigan when they crossed the boss. They are plain as fuck, look like total ass. They had zero support around the ankle. Just a terrible shoe from start to end. Looks like a half ass effort. If you liked these shoes... Then you were dropped on your head as a child or you are Micheal Jordan.

Well there my top 5 worst Jordan's. If you would like to leave your top worst Jordan's in the comments feel free or shoot me an email I would like to compare or have a readers top worst/best. Sorry not college stuff today. These Sports censored Special posts are just that.. Special. Thanks for reading. I will have 10-5(best) tomorrow with maybe some NBA thoughts.


romain said...

I only had the IX, now i'm so sad...