Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fuck Chris"gimmick"Berman & GO BLUE

Youtube day.. I made a Michigan video. I just wanted to show off that "Big Ten Speed".

Then we have the Chris Berman Videos that have been making there way onto the internet in the last few weeks. Someone at ESPN must hate Chris because they keep putting these out. I love it. His own ESPN thing is a gimmick. I mean.. I can't even watch NFL highlights without hearing a bunch of nosies. WHHHHHHAAAATTT? I hear that like 1000 times. He sucks and he's an asshole and these videos show that. I love it. I love it... I love it.

Fuck you Berman. People don't like you.. This blog is the leader for the "Hate Hate Hate" of Chris "gimmick" Berman. Okey... I am done.

ESPN needs to fire Berman and hire this guy... BOOOOOM Goes the... I don't even have to finish.