Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The end of the "Shoe" Part 2

Back onto the count down. This will be my best 10-6 Air Jordans. Lets get right into it.

10. Air Jordan I

The very first AJ's. Yes they may not be the best looking shoe. It really shows the age and time of what the style was at the moment. It's simple and bright for the time.

9.Air Jordan XX

I would say these AJ's are very different. Some might say fucking ugly. I like them. The design art that goes over the laces is very cool with all the Air Jordan history explained in one art piece. I can't comment on the comfort but I can say I like the look.

8.Air Jordan XXII

I wanted to buy these but just could fork over $175 for shoes. I mean thats almost my fucking rent. That gives me shelter and food. I still like them. Very slick and simple. Great lines and the heels look kick ass. A great overall shoe.

7. Air Jordan VII

God did this shoe make me feel fucking cool as a kid. I got them the day they came out and everyone gave me looks at school as if I were wearing those cool Back to the future 2 shoes. I still own these shoes and now look horrible since I played them out so much.

6. Air Jordan V

I never got to own this shoe but I thought they were fucking awsome when I saw kids wear them. I still do. I love the clear bottoms and how simple but out there that the design gives off. Looks like a great shoe to just use for everyday things. I wish I had some. I think this shoe really helped push Jordan to the top and maybe started the craze about his shoes. I think this shoe captured that.

Over the weekend I will be back with my final 5. Should be good. I should be doing a show tonight with Mike & Ryan... About Fucking time. I know. So we will see how that goes. O and for NBA news. Jason Kidd wants to be traded and what else is fucking new? I hear the Cavs have given intrest whitch would be great for them but I don't know if the Cavs can offer anything back. I don't see Rod Thron giving Kidd up for Junk.. AKA Larry Hughes...