Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Power Poll's & youtube's

The SC Fucking Power Poll

-Went to Duke and beat them. Nuff said right? Physco T has won at Duke Three damn times! Not many players can say that. Duke just took a dump in the end of that game.
2.UCLA-Sorry Memphis you are getting knocked down again. UCLA plays in the Pac10 and just won the P10. They pull one out of their ass the other night vs Stanford & Cal which means they can win the tough games. I expect a Final 4 run with out question.
3.Tenn-Sorry Tiger fan's you are getting bumped down again. Who beat you on you're home court? That's right the Vols. CUSA doesn't help you.. It's only hurts.
4.Memphis-There you are! The 4 spot. Tough games playing UAB?,Marsh and SMU? I just don't see this team be ready for the big time. Hate all you want on me folks. I see what I see...
5.Wisconsin-Giving out some Big Ten Love! The Badgers have played well and have taken over the Big Ten. I don't know how the old man can coach so well.. Atleast he looks old.. But he can coach. I don't like them but they are good.

Dark Horse- Still Sticking with KState.. You'll all see when the time comes..Bwahahahahahaha.

How Awesome our Air Jordan ads?... too fucking awesome. But they didn't srat out so great..

Then the good stuff came.

I showed you young people Shawn "candy nose" Kemp last week. Now for D.Wilkins. He was alot like Vince Carter of the 80's. Could dunk like Jesus but didn't live up at times. His top 10 for the kids.

Here is a nice Dr.J vs Jordan Game. Also some Barkley moments.

More on Kenny George. The fucker can dunk it without jumping.. Whats next?

The Rockets do there best Dikembe Mutombo... I just wet myself.