Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Youtubes & Favre cuts the Lions a break

Well the torture for Lions fans is finally over. Brett Favre has called it quits. No more automatic losses to the Packers. We now have a chance. I will say the man was a great QB but I hated Brett for always kicking the Lion's ass on any Sunday or even Thanksgiving. He can finally stop killing my dreams and hopes.

Brett was very good. A true gun slinger. He had a lot of balls. Thats why he leads the NFL in all time INT too. He had many highlights but the night he played after his dad died will be his shining moment for me. He came out and played maybe the best game of his life. A low time for me with Favre was the dive he took for Michael Strahan to get the sack record. If I were Strahan I wouldn't even touched Brett due to the cheapness of achieving the recorded.

I don't have many thoughts about Favre. Just for the soul reason I hated watching the Packers kick the Lions ass for o... Lets say the last 15 Years. So here is a Sports Censored "Good fucking luck Brett & Thanks for night Terrors" solute.

Time for some Youtubes Boooyyyyysss

Brett Favre's first start.. With Chris "I fucking hate you" Berman.

ESPN bloopers.. Sorry no Chris Berman.. He's too perfect to fuck up. I do love Carl Lewis singing though.

I figured we would remember Shawn Kemp. For you kids who are young, this guys could play... I mean could play before the 7 kids with 6 mommies and all the Columbian bam bam he stuck up his nose.

Barry who gets the Honor of being on the SC banner, was one of the best RBs of all time. Proof.. Better then E.Smith.

I don't like hockey but this is worth a look. It's also a Michigan Moment.

The Night MJ lit up the Magic for 64. Also Shaq's first time playing MJ.