Monday, February 25, 2008

Sickly Man Mail Bag

Well sorry for dropping the ball the last few days. I have been sick as shit and it sucks. I am starting to feel better but the sickness still lingers. But I did get some email while sick. I also didn't do a LnO show due to my sickness that has me coughing into the mic every 2 secs. I will see how I am Wed and may recored a new one then. For now... The Mail bag!

Hey Ryan
Love the Blog and the show, the question I have is the Suns Trade. Did they make a mistake 1-2 now with Shaq. He still looks.. ahh slow.

Still to early to tell. Yeah He looks like he's bogging down who ever he plays for. He just can't get it done anymore. To slow, and misses even the easy stuff since he has no lift. I wonder if he will end his days like Mosses Malone? Playing for every team in the NBA and averaging 2.3 points game. Right now the trade looks bad as I said it would but our voters seem to think it is gonna work... You guys are fucking crazy..

You were wrong in the Kelvin Sampson thing. In the % game you said he was 100% fired.. You are wrong alot but I still like the blog.

O come the fuck on. I said fired yes but he resigned and now is gone. The Hoosiers didn't have the balls to pull the trigger and gave him the option to resign. If he refused to resign then he would have been fired. I was still right. Fuck that. When I play the % I know what the hell I am talking about. Cut me some freaking slack!

Hey man
You were right about Tenn Vols, nice work.

Thanks, I said Memphis would lose and they did. I proved Mike wrong who had them. I did come away very impressed with the Tigers. I thought the Vols might win by 8-10 points but it was close all the way. I still say Memphis loses in the sweet 16 or Elite 8.

On the Loud n Obnoxious show, Mike act like a nut. He just goes off. Does he really act like that? Thanks Keep up the great show.

Yeah, pretty much. Get him going and he will talk your ears off for hours about some topic. He does also use the word "fuck" that much in real life.

Tomorrow I will be back with some college hoops SC fucking Power Poll! Maybe some sauceome youtubes. Working on a new LnO show, as soon as I stop coughing up green shit... Thanks for sticking with me through the sickness. God for bid anyone else on the staff pick up the slack and do some fucking writing around here. For good messure here is a random picture of me at Lowe's.


Also a picture of Mike wearing my Bulls Zubaa's! Now I know everyone had a pair of Zubaa's if you were born by 1982. Mike sorry buddy..