Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Bowl Picks & Blog Battle

Alright here we have all our Super Bowl picks from the SC staff. Justin the only one who give the Giants a chance. He had them over Dallas.. So who knows? Below you will find my blog battle about the Super Bowl with Matt from

Ryan Aylsworth

Score: Pats 41 Giants 21
MVP: Tom Brady

Justin Aylsworth

Score: Pats 21 Giants 24
MVP: Eli Manning

Mike Packard

Score: Pats 34 Giants 17
MVP: Tom Brady

Ryan Millard

Score: Pats 34 Giants 7
MVP: Tom Brady

Sports Censored Readers
The Very Brady Pats: 16
The Giant Mannings: 5
Thanks to all who voted!

So we are a few days away from the wonder and drunken debauchery that is the Superbowl. I have teamed up with Ryan from "Sports Censored" to break down why we pick which team to win.

I brought this up so I gave Ryan his choice on which team to discuss. What is his favorite college? Michigan. And what current QB and all-time ladies man went to Michigan? Tom Brady.

So here you have it, the joint venture between the SC and the Hoch.


I don't want to blow my wad all at once and go straight into why Eli will take the Giants to the promised land, so I will just start with this: The Giants have a 10-game road win streak.

NO ONE has ever had that. When the Giants are able to get away from the confines of New York, Eli turns into Peyton. That is going to be one of the major reasons the Giants upset the country's darlings.

10-game winning streaks does not mean jack shit when you get to the Superbowl.. Are we allowed to say Superbowl??? Ahh fuck it. Yes, the Superbowl is it's own dog and what you've done up to then doesn't mean anything.

Even the Pats 18-0 record. Throw it all out the window. When you get to that point it's not a football game anymore. It's just some over blown spectable of TV ads and bad halftime shows.

History shows one team won't show up and the game sucks. However saying that, all of the Pats Super Bowl games have been close.

The Chances of Eli turning into Payton in the Super Bowl is about as great as Sports Censored getting an Ad during the Super Bowl. It isn't happening. Eli is due for his every 4-game choke.

I would agree that this is a "horse of a different color" if you will, and that everyone has a new stake.

You're right Eli won't be Peyton, but it wouldn't suprise me to find hem throw a few touchdowns.
The Giants have the ability on Offense to POUND the ball with Jacobs and Bradshaw. What is the greatest weakness of the Pats? The Defense. That isn't to say that it is a liability, but if you keep the Defense on the field, then you have neutralized Brady.

So, if they pound the ball, Brady sits on the bench...

I will agree with you that if the Giants want to stay in this game they must pound the rock. Keep those senior citizen LBs on the field. Junior Seau was in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. He was is the middle of his career then... I mean he's older then astro turf. So, yes, the Giants need to attack those old ass LBs.

But I do think the Pats CBs are very good. So good they will cause Eli many mistakes and I am thinking two INT that will give the Pats a great chance to win this game by two TDs.

I see the Pats secondary as the "X" factor if you will in causing Eli to come back down to earth and be the same old Eli will all know and love... Average at best.

What about the effect of the Giants' Secondary? That is their weaness, yet the patchwork has held together.

The showed Favre what it was like to face them last week, while in a different game the Brady showed that he has a propensity to throw the errant pass.

Where the Giants will succeed is the Defensive line. Osi and Michael will be the tandem that can finally show the Pats o-line for what the are: decent at best.

This is a defense that works together and should be able to get the pass rush going, since the secondary will hold the two outside guys, and the LB may be able to zone coverage Welker out of the game.

Yes they did do well with Farvre but there is a very good reason why Farvre is also the number one all time leader in throwing INTs. There are games where Farvre just falls apart. The wheels come off and he becomes a INT machine.

That was one of those nights.

The Lions would have had those picks. Any team would have.

I expect the Pats to bomb away on the Giant secondary as they did earlier in the season. Tom Brady went 32-42 with 356 yards & 2 TDs in the last meeting.

I expect a big game with big game plays. Moss will be dancing in the endzone on Sunday or mooning the crowd... I think Brady only throws errant passes when the Pats are up big (and when he was at Michigan). I don't expect that in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has won two super bowl MVPs and has the recored(32) for most completions in a Super Bowl(XXXVIII). So Tom plays well in the super bowl.

The Giants D-line is very good. Even with Michael's gap in his teeth. They can play. Tom Brady will have a field day unless they get to him. The proof is in the past and will become the future unless the Giants Dline steps up big time.

Brady is good. Everyone is already crowning him the best ever, and you can see that in his demeanor. He is starting to become what people want him to be and he knows that. You know what that means? Ego. His ego may get in the way.

He threw 8 INTs in the season, yet six of them were in the second half. He then threw 3 last week. Since this isn't an exact science, all we have are stats.

In 2006 he threw FOUR in the Postseason. (Loss in AFC Championship)
In 2005 he threw TWO in the Postseason. (Loss in Divisional Round)
In 2004 he threw ZERO in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)
In 2003 he threw TWO in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)
Missed Postseason in 2002
In 2001 he threw ONE in the Postseason. (Superbowl win)

What does this mean? Probably nothing, but the team is 1-2 in postseason appearances when he throws more then 2 interceptions. (1-2 as "playoff record"; not playoff game record)

Also, you already mentioned the aging LB core of the Pats. These are guys that need to retire, guys that need to be wearing Depends not helmets.

My LAST point: The Patriots are jerks, Belichick is a total ass and they were caught cheating. I don't care if they are going for 19-0, but some people will ALWAYS look at this season like this: They were cheaters.

You threw some very nice/useless stats out there. But Tom Brady is as humble as they come. He owns the Superbowl, he owns the NFL at this point. He will play well. It's in his Super Bowl DNA.

Are the Pats jerks? Yes. Did they cheat I don't think so. I don't think people have even talked about the spy gate. I mean they have went on to be 18-0! No cheating has been going on. Just a bunch of ass kicking.

Sure the Pats are becoming the Yankee's of the football world but what they have done is very impressive. I expect the Pats to handle the Giants and to be some what of a boring game full of Superbowl hoopla and a zillion ads.

My last point I will make is that The Giants will see the old Eli and the secondary will struggle alot again and be a long night for the city of NY. Sports Censored readers voted The very Brady Pats to win this game with a 16 to 5 vote. The readers know what I know... The Pats win.

I would like to thank Matt from Afraidofedhochuli for giving the new kid on the block, sports censored the time of day to do this Super Bowl Brawl.

Matt's Closing:
No thanks needed Ryan!

That was a good back and forth. Hopefully the game will be like that...