Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Laker Luck

Wow, how far has the LA Laker come? To start the year I had dreams of Kobe lighting up the score board in Chicago. I saw Kobe wearing the 24 in the Red and White while putting the Bulls back on top.

Fast Forward to now... Bulls suck ass. Lakers look fucking good. So what happened? Jerry luck ass Buss is what happened. The good Doctor worked some magic that should make him owner of the year and the luckiest asshole in the world. First thing was first.. Kept Kobe. He said "I don't care if you are gonna be a whiny bitch.. You are mine unless some teams gives me something of value." Second he showed Phil the money. Phil then waved his coaching magic stick that had even Luke Walton playing well. Third, Andrew Bynum was a good draft pick. Looked like junk at first but now looks like he may be an All-Star by next season. When he comes back the Lakers will become even more powerful... Nuts. Forth, Pow! Gasol! What a joke of a trade for the Fucking Grizzles. Send your trash like biggest Bust K.Brown and in return give you Gasol who has fitted into the triangle seamlessly. It's like taking shit at your house or work and taking that shit out of the tolit and going to a jewlery store and trading it for a gold ring with a huge diamond.

The Lakers are for real right now. They are for real for the Finals. How kick ass would it be if the Lakers and the Celtics showed up in the 2008 NBA Finals? It's a real possible dream. It would be great for the NBA and for the game. I would be rooting for the Celtics in that Case. I think KG deserves a ring more then any player in the NBA. Lets hope the NBA Refs can make this happen.. Har Har Har...