Monday, March 10, 2008


Well I had to call Blogger help line just to log onto the site. SOme how my password was changed and it kept me out the last few days. I was worried to hell that someone hacked my blog was gonna turn it into some asian porn blog. The good news that did happen. The bad news, more half ass sports talk. Mail!!

Who do you have Kobe or Lebron for MVP?

Right now I have Kobe. Yeah Lebron has put up some great numbers and I love the freak to death but Kobe is winning more and plays in the west and does play better D then Lebron. My brother and I will have a Brotherly Love on Thursday about this.

Duke Still in the SC top fucking 5?

I am not sure.. We will see come tomorrow. They played well until the last 2 mins of the game. That's when it matters most..right?

What's the chances of Michigan running the Big Ten Tourney for a NCAA title bid? Go Blue!

Us Michigan fans can Go Blue all we want... I have a better chance of growing a 3rd arm out of my ass. This is one of the worst Michigan Teams I have seen. They play well for bits but blow it down the stretch. Just not enough talent. Check back with this team in 3 years.

Thats it.. Not much mail was sent to me.