Monday, February 11, 2008

Loud n Obnoxious x2!

Got some treats today. Got two new spanking LnO shows. One about MLB roids and the other about the shit BCS system. Please enjoy or hate. We got some hate from our last Super bowl special.

Oh, Oh I hate the giants, they're so boring! Fuck you, and your mother. Giants SB CHAMPS! *18-1.

and my response

I don't think we like the Pats much more. We just think the Giants are boring. But I do love the comment! So go fuck yourself and good day to you.

So any feedback is good feedback IMO. I also changed up my days a bit. Football is now over and I will only talk football if something major happens.. Like the Pats getting Super Bowls yanked for video taping Ram cheerleaders in the showers.