Monday, March 17, 2008

Me vs Mike

Mike and I played through some more NCAA college hoops 2K8. I did have a small bump in the road but have a recored of 7-1. I didn't expect to lose one so early but the dumb fucker was due.

Game 1
Score: Me 68 Mike 58
MVP: Beasley 25

Game 2
Score: Me 76 Mike 81
MVP Rose 32

Game 3
Score: Me 80 Mike 58
MVP: Beasley 32

Game 4
Score: Me 72 Mike 54
MVP: Beasley 44 points!

Game 5
Score: Me 75 Mike 66
MVP: Beasley: 28

Ryan W7-L1

Mike W1-L7

Some even though I let one slip by I am still kicking some major ass. I expect Mike to win every 30 games... If he's lucky