Friday, February 15, 2008

The % Game

Alright this is where I give my % that "the Shit" happens or what have you. It's pretty simple. Here we go(super mario)!

Slam Dunk Winner.
Damn, I am a big fan of Howard but I have the feeling he could get robbed again. I also have a feeling Mr.Moon may put on a show. I have been wrong before..Or alot.
I know I am not giving my boy Rudy Gay enough credit but I just see Mario Moon and Howard being more creative.

The % that the Kidd Trade Goes Through.
D.George Needs to get the hell out of way. He isn't gonna get a big contact and I know you don't wanna head to the terrile Garden State but the Mavs fans are gonna end up hating you and Mark Cuban may move your locker outside next to the trash. Just let the trade go through. You are not Kobe mama jammer Bryant. Ryan Millard says It's awful move for the Mavs since Devin Harris will be the best PG in the league in a few years. I dunno about that but he is good. That Good? Psss... Ryan have you ever heard of Chris Paul?
42% The deal goes through.

Spygate becomes something?
This could go very bad. I think it might. Could a Super Bowl be yanked? Tha Pats rep would be ruined and maybe as bad as the "Black Sox". I say this thing is heating up...
62% Spygate blows up!

Kelvin Sampson gets fired?
Wow, what an idiot. You did it once and got spanked and then you went back again. What do you not get? YOU CAN'T CALL KIDS! Have fun coaching at Long Island U! You are done son! Hooiser fans are crying them selfs to sleep. Nice work Kelvin!
I say 100% Fucking Fired!

Chris Berman Still suck?

100% Yes!

Enjoy the all-star weekend! I got the West by 15...