Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Live from the Library!Power 5!Fab Fabe Youtube!

Since I am on the road tonight to ref a very important boys JV game, I figured I stop in the library and put up and little.. Something something. My College basketball rankings! My top 5! My power 5.. Whatever the fuck you wanna call it.. Wait can I type fuck at the library? Well so far no lights or warning lights came on.. I guess I can type "fuck". Back to the matter at hand.

The Sports Censored top fucking 5 college basketball poll.

1.Tennesse-They may not be the most talented but they have impressed me very much. Great coaching and in my cystel ball I see Tenn becoming a Mens Basketball power house in the very near future.
2.North Carolina-You might be asking.. What no Memphis in the top 2? Well Fuck the Tigers for now. NC plays in the ACC and Memphis plats in the CUSA. They play no one. NC has played well this year and has slipped up at times but a very soild team once they get Lawson back. Also Tylor is fucking nut and I love it!
3.Memphis-Alright here are the Tigers. I have issues putting them this high, they just don't play anyone. They almost lost to the Dragons the other night. I see an early exit in the tourny. They have a very strong roster with Rose and company but they need to play someone! Stop eating all the fucking cup cakes! Mike also uses this team when we play 2K8 and I kick his ass every time(I use KSU).
4.Kansas-This would have been Duke if they wouldn't have laid an egg in WF. So it's Kansas. I avery good vetren team who go far in the tourny. They have played well in the Big 12. I don't got much on them. They can ball... hmmm.
5.Duke-I watch duke alot, maybe becuase they play every night on ESPN. I don't hate Duke like alot of people. I love how they get after it and just go hard. They are not as loaded as previous years but have some good young gunners. Before the WF lost they were rolling and might have been 2 on this list. They will make a run. The dukies always do. For the people who hate them I say fuck you. They play good hard basketball. There is something wrong with you if you can't see that.

Dark Horse-I have became found of Kansas State as of late. Not just because I use them in College basketball 2k8(which blows MM out of the water Millard!)but because they are fucking good and have Mr.Beasley. He only had 40 points and 17 boards the last game. With super stars you can go far in the tourny and this team will. They have a great team around Beasley. Walker can ball as well. This team is a dark horse at 25 in the polls right now. They will make a run. I would surpirse if they didn't make the elite 8. Watch this team.. They are for real.

Now for some Youtubes!
FAB Five LOVE! Let your Nutz hang low!(as the fab5 said)