Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bowls Blow

That takes alot to say "Bowls Blow". Well it's true. The last few years I have started to hate the bowls more and more. This is what I can't fucking stand.

1.They wait to long to play. Football is not a game that you can just pick up and play. It isn't like basketball where you go to the fucking YMCA and play a pickup game. Do kids play pickup games of football? NO! I know the teams don't even hit much practice. I just don't think you can tell who the best team is. The NC game is even worse waiting a whooping two months to play the game. In pro sports they make a huge deal about teams who sweep a team and have to sit around and wait. Why is it any different here?

2.They don't mean shit! Unless were talking NC game. Does it matter if Michigan beats the Gators? Not really. Maybe a bit in recruiting but not much. The first game of the season is more important. When USC is playing whofuckingcares University is more important then the Rose Bowl you've got problems.

3.I'm sick of the same shit. How many times can I stand to see USC beat the fuck out of another big ten team in it's own back yard? I want USC to come to The big house for a bowl game or Lambo fucking field and play a Big Ten team. See how the snow effects them and not having the home game.

4.The Hype Sucks. There is no hype to these games. I felt like who gives a crap about the NC game and even a bit in my Michigan game. The season has been over for so long that it just kills the mood for me. I can't speak for others but it's like during Oct/Nov all I care about is college football. Then Dec goes by and into Jan and I just loose it. I am getting into basketball mode. This goes along with the wait of the games.

5.Games played for the wrong reasons. All the bowl games are played for is straight up cash. It's all about ads and bowl money. That's why no one wants it to end. They make truck fulls of cash. Fuck the teams that play all year, fuck knowing who is the best. We just want that CCCCCAAAAASSSSSSHHHHH!

Have a damn 8 team playoff. You can keep all your gay bowls. Put them in all the rounds leading up to the NC game. Simple as that. I rather bitch about who the best 8th team is then the who should be the NC. In my latest poll I asked if you liked the BCS and the cry has been loud and clear. Three people agree with me to zero people for the BCS. Maybe a few more will vote.. Please College football. Get this thing right. Until that day comes... Fuck the BCS.