Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Timbow Te Who?

I am happy to say that my first post is a happy one. My Michigan Wolverines ate the former champs for lunch and than shaaat them out. I thought my first post was gonna be profiling the staff of this sauceome blog.. Yes I said sauceome... I will get to the losers that will help this blog and what SC is all about in the next post. For now I must bask in the light of kicking the ass of the Tebow Gators. Michigan came in and showed the The Gators and the SEC might wanna get off their fucking high horse and think about giving the rest of college football some respect. ESPN and the rest of the media has humped the SEC for awhile now and I can't stand it anymore. It's a great league, but come one. Don't act like their fucking untouchable. All that talk of the south speed just got thrown out the window when Michigan punched Tim Teebag and the Gators in the face. Michigan is now..

UM should have put 50+ up if Mike Hart doesn't have two freak fumbles. It's only been 1,002 carries since one. Chad Henne played his best game ever and raised his NFL stock. Now I have a bit on my mind with the Henne vs Tebow. Chad Henne will be on a NFL roster and maybe even be someones starter. Will Tebow? I don't think so, unless he becomes alot better out of the red zone. From what I saw Timmy couldn't hit anyone outside of a dump off pass. He's a great Redzone threat but anywhere else on the field is avg. I just wasn't impressed with Mr.Heisman. I expect Chad to go on to bigger things like the NFL. I expect Tebow to become a Gator Legend and that's about it. I could be wrong. But he just didn't knock my socks off. Then again the Michigan D was owning the line and kicking Tebow in the face on almost every play. Crable may have been right when he said

“I think y’all are too concerned with this Tebow, I mean he’s just a quarterback,” Crable said Saturday. “He’s really not (different.) He’s got some freakish stats because they use him differently, they use him in the red zone a lot to run the ball but he’s nothing more exceptional than we’ve ever played against.“If you ask me about (Oregon’s) Dennis Dixon or you ask me about (former Texas quarterback) Vince Young, I’d be like, now those are some freakish people. You ask me about this guy, he’s just a quarterback.”

Shawn Crable is my hero and he calls out Kirk...

My man has some balls. AAir had a big day as well. He had a field day with the Gator CBs. I just hope he sticks around for his Senior year. Mario as well but I can let him off a bit more because he has been less then a good leader and a ass to Ryan Mallett. AAir highlights. Catch of the year too IMO.

Well Coach Carr goes out on top and so do the Seniors. SEC can go to hell for all I care. I have been so sick of hearing the media and that conference talk about how great they are. This win feels good and I hope RR can do the job next year. I have a good feeling Michigan is on it's way back to the top of college football. Great win and a great way to send the so called best college football player home. With a lose. Almost forgot...


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