Friday, January 25, 2008

YouTube Day

Figured we would do a little Youtube day for the kids.

My man Rasheed Wallace with the famous "both teams played hard". I laughed my ass when he said back in 03 and I still laugh now. Maybe the best Press conference ever in the NBA... God bless and good night.

This is the youtube wonder Sam Mcguffie. He is headed to Michigan and lets hope he's this good at the next level. When you jumping fools, you know the kid can fucking play.

Two Shaqs for the price of one!

Back when the LA Lakers and Kings had that West rivalry going Shaq shot this Music video. The Man is funny. No one could do that on the fly. Please retire and head to TNT. "Where everyone knows your name".

Shaq must be a reader of Sports Censored. He likes to use the word fuck too!

Randy Johnson puts a bird out of it's misery. I know the video is older then sports but it's still out of this world. The odds to that happening are like 1 in fuckin 1,000,0000. Think about.. Everything has to be perfect. The speed at which the bird is going.. The space and.. Never mind.

Jumping around on a trampoline with a basketball hoop seems like something I would have done back in the day. Then everything goes wrong and your leg is stuck in the damn rim. I did find it funny that his so called "friend"s scattered like a fart in the wind when he was crying out in pain. The best cure I guess was laughter to them.

Kenny George

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Kenny George from who cares University doesn't even have to jump.. I mean the fucker is 7'7". But slow and clunky. I would say he may have a Gheorghe Muresan future, but I doubt he will co-star with Billy Crystal in a Movie(my giant)

Also noted is that Tyler Hansbrough made him look pretty small when he dunked on Giant Gonzalez..

I had to... I am on a roll.