Monday, January 21, 2008


That's the only words that came to mind last night when I was watching the Packers bite the dust. I am no Packer fan but a small part of me was cheering for Brett so he would finally fucking retire(killing my Lions for years). When Brett Threw that Int the only thing that busted in my mind was from Billy Madison when he yells "You blew it!". Now the Giants are heading to the SB and now the sports world will have to sit through a month of ESPN,PTI ect ect... Discussions, segments on will Brett come back or not? Thanks Brett for fucking that up. Ever heard of John Elway? He did it the right way. You are coming back so please spare us the "I need time to think" bullshit.

Picked! That wasn't the only blunder of the game but there is a reason why Brett holds the all time record for most INTs. He at times can be way off or make bad reads. Some nights he hot and others not. Last night was cold as fuck and so was Brett. It was just amazing anyone could catch a ball. The Packers had so many chances to win that game. They just couldn't get it done. While I am not thrilled to see the Giants in the SB, they deserve it none the less. I look even more fucking dumb since I told my brother in "brothrly love" that Eli wasn't worth building a team around. Now it looks like the kid can play and I am very wrong. He played well last night and hung in there, even after his shit kicker missed one big FG after another. I expected the Pats to win so no big surprise there. Brady will seal his legecy as the best QB of all time with this Super Bowl win. Guess where he came from everybody?... Michigan. Okey they has nothing to do with anythihg but I just thought I would point that out. I think the Super Bowl will either be very close or a Big Blow out. The score won't be 21 to 10.

>>>Speaking of the Super Bowl The super fucking awesome blog Afraid of Ed Hochuli will be doing a simulpost with Sport Censored for the Super Bowl next week. We will fight to the death on who we think will win. Matt is a Blogging vet and may well kick my ass but I got no shame and will go for the throat even if I look bad. Should be good, stay tuned.

Also, Bret will you please make this painless. Come out and say.. Yes I am coming back. This like what the 4th straight year of this? O and...

YOU BLEW IT(Packer fans will rain hate on me)!


Anonymous said...

I don't think ANYONE can rain hate on you for this. As a Seahawks fan, I just wish that they had played like that LAST week.

Ryan Aylsworth said...

When Brett plays the old ball coach he tends to play well. Bad luck for you guys..Hire a new