Monday, January 14, 2008

Small Mail Bag!

Well I got one email. Thanks to the people who have started to come to the site. I hope to get more mail as the site gets more traffic. Here we go!!!

I read your I think it was your first blog. Nicely done. I was sick and
tired of hearing about SEC Speed. The only speed I saw from Florida was from
Percy Harvin. Hell, the DB's from Florida couldn't even contain Carson Butler
who ripped off a 65 yard run. Are you kidding me? A 6'6" 246 pound Tight End
does that against the supposed speedy defense of an SEC team. The media makes me
absolutely sick. They constantly talk about the SEC. If you ask me, I think the
Pac-10 has the most speed. Look at Oregon and USC. Their defenses are fast; they
have great play makers on offense. MaizeAndBlue

I guess this more of a comment than a question. Yes as I do agree in my posts. The SEC speed is all media talk and stuck in the SEC players minds. It makes them feel special and makes it more of a joke when Carson Butler out runs the "Fastest mother fo's" in college football! I do agree to the Pac10 can look pretty damn fast. I did see first hand when Dixon made the Wolverine look like a JV football team. I think if you play D1 you gonna be fast. Every team has speed. Get over it SEC!

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