Monday, January 14, 2008


Tony Romo can now head back to Jessica Simpson and vacation all he wants. I am not gonna come out and say that him going on that vacation led to the Cowboys losing but it doesn't look good. I know she smoking and all but come on. This is just one man's opinion but can hanging out with Jessica on some hot vacation wait tell after the fucking playoffs?

I know she is smoking hot Tony but you have bigger fish to fry. Not to mention you lost to the NYG who I feel got lucky to even be where they are and to be out playoff's by the "other" Manning is just fucking awful. I am not a Cowboy fan by any means but as a NFL QB you need to be doing everything possible to prepare the playoffs. I guess that for Tony Romo is bonking Jessica Simpson in Mexico. Yes I just said "Bonking" damnit. Tony had a great season for the most part but did anyone notice that his "game" dropped badly when Jessica showed up? Tony just put the bitch's on the side for a month until you win a playoff game or a Super Bowl. I know it doesn't help that the team had a ton of penalties,bad Oline play and the D just not getting it done. So I won't put all the blame on Jessica but I would say there maybe something there. Eli showed by he is a Manning for once in his life but I am still not sold on him or this team. I expect them to get fucked hard by the Packers(no pun intended). I just can't see Eli playing well for two stright games. He never does. In fact on Thursday in brotherly Love my brother I talk who you would rather build a team around, Tony or Eli? I took Romo and now look like an idiot. I hope the Cowboys enjoy the time off and I hope Tony enjoys Jessica and Mexico.