Sunday, January 20, 2008

Terrelle "I have everyone by the balls" Pryor

This is suppose to be my day off from blogging. But since I am a huge Michigan fan and the number one recruit in the country visited Michigan last night I thought I would play my odds game with this kid. I watched the this kid in the Army AA game he won the MVP and did impress me with a nice touch and great running style. When he got there that week for practice he was wearing a Michigan sweat shirt. All the O$U guys made him take it off. During the game, one of the buck fucks put a buckeye sticker on his helmet. During a break in the game and the camera on TP he pointed at the sticker and said something.. Not sure what. So what I am getting at is that... THE KID IS FUCKING WITH US! HE HAS EVERY MICHIGAN & OSU FAN BY THE BALLS! I think his mind is made up and he's just loving every second of making people wonder. Case and point..

Then he comes out and says he wants to play somewhere that packs 100,000+ Fans. Yesterday he came for official visit at Michigan. Here is a interweb report from some web site.

Charlie Batch came with him to be his "Mentor". Us Lion fans know Charlie is a nice guy but not a very good football player. That really has nothing to do with TP or anything. Just was throwing Charlie under the bus for the hell of it. Back to Pryor, The visit went well from what was heard. Here what the insiders at rivals have to say..

-A good vibe from TP on his visit. He came in late so he will be leaving later today
-Batch & RR hit it off (despite what people are saying from the pictures of them at the bball game)
-JT Floyd will ultimately land at Michigan
-Martin was supposed to be on his official visit, but may use it as an unofficial. He wanted to be there for TP and he skipped a big wrestling tournament to be there
-Barwis had the recruits in awe.

Not much on TP lean of UM or OSU but he had a good time. A few pics of the kid. I do feel sorry we had to show him how bad our basketball team is. That can't help since he talked about playing both sports(I don't see that happening). TP is sitting with his cousin and Michigan WR Tony Clemons who I have had the chance to talk with and help out with his Myspace and Tony is a great guy.

So it looks like the kid is having a good time. But who wouldn't take free visits? Even if you were sold on another school. Pryor coming to Michigan would be huge swing for Michigan. Give us an edge in recruiting for the next few years. Give Michigan the swing it needs to beat OSU and take back the rivalry. With Ryan Mallett heading to Ark I wonder how Pryor couldn't go with Michigan? He could start right away and run an Offense that makes many QB like Pat White look good and I don't think much of Pat White(Can't throw to save his life). I think Pryor can be a better QB then White due to being a better passer. RR would use him to his fullest and make him the center point of the offense. I think he would be nuts to turn that down. But OSU has been on his nuts longer and Tressel is dirty asshole. Who knows what snake things he has done to grab Pryor. For whatever reason I just don't have a good feeling about this. Like he is leading us on and Just fucking with Michigan. If this is the fact I will say he will become Michigan enemy number 1. I hope he comes to Michigan but I know there is always another huge recruit. RR will find a good QB for us. My % of Terrelle Pryor coming to Michigan is 48%. I think he is 52% O$U and I hope I am wrong. Either way he has us all by the balls and it's sick.

Chad Henne on Rome is burning. I hate Rome(dbag) but Henne is the man. Thanks for the everything Chad.